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Practical Magic

We had been shopping in earnest for our first house for two months.

Each morning I scanned the real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) results from our Realtor, looking for a home for sale in the areas of town we liked.

If I spotted one that had our required features, I drove to it in the early afternoon and looked at the exterior. If I also liked the condition of the houses on the block and across the street, I dialed our Realtor from my mobile phone and booked our walkthrough for that evening.

If my husband and I liked the interior, we drove to our realtor’s office directly afterward to submit an offer.

During that summer the overall economic situation in southeast Michigan created a large demand for properties, and frequently a property would sell for higher than the asking price. That’s what Realtors call a “bidding war.”

It was a string of long days, and we were feeling frustrated.

By mid-August I had exhausted all my ideas… except one.

I called our Realtor and declared, “I’m going to do what ALWAYS works.”

He queried, “What is that?”

“I’m going to order one thousand business cards with our current address.”

The Realtor laughed and said, “Do it!”

I approved the business card design via email and paid for the $67 order on August 21st.

On August 24, the MLS displayed several new entries… one of which had all the features we wanted, was in the right section of town, and was in our price range. We completed the purchase on November 4.

Now I’m not saying the Arizona-based printer had some sort of inside influence with the Michigan real estate market. However, I felt more hopeful and relaxed when I purchased those business cards.

Here’s the question:

What small and fun action can you take in your business right now?

It’s not necessarily a magical charm, but it can do something more important: shift your mindset to a more relaxed and joyfully-anticipating one.

Sometimes that is all you need to get a freshened restart on your project.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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