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The Line in the Sand (or, How to handle your business during vacation)

This week I was advising a distributor about her annual vacation. We were discussing how she would handle texts, social media, emails, and phone calls during her upcoming vacation.

Here are some questions she and I considered.

Do you take time off from your business? (I certainly hope you do!)

How often and for what duration?

Do you set an autoresponse message for your email and an outgoing message for your voicemail, stating you are unavailable? Do you state you will be unavailable more days than you will actually be gone, such as your last packing day and a day or two to unpack afterward?

Do your automated responses include “I am out of the office”? How do you handle this if you work from your home? (In my opinion it’s not wise to announce you are not home!)

Do you announce that you will (or simply quietly plan to) respond to messages during your absence? How often? (“once a day”, at a certain time each day, on Wednesday only, etc)

Do you provide a phone number for assistance? Two ideas are your company’s main customer service center and a distributor with whom you have arranged to handle issues in your absence.

Will you post on social media? Will you use a scheduling service to post at certain times with prearranged content? Will you check social media during your time off?

How will you handle communication from your current clients and team members?

Think about the opportunity and training meetings, social media gatherings, and conference calls you attend or host to support your team. Will you dial in or attend via technology? Have a substitute attend for you?

Will you take marketing tools (such as business cards and product samples) with you? Here’s another option: if the subject of your business comes up, will you get a person’s phone number/email and contact/send samples after you get home?

This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, and the answers will vary for each person and each event. The degree of separation from one’s business can depend on how new the business is, if there are any “hot” issues or potential distributors who are close to joining, if there are brand-new distributors to mentor, and how strongly one needs time away from the normal business activities.

One of the joys of network marketing is its residual income. And one of the disciplines is taking sufficient time away to renew oneself.

In the end, ask yourself, “Will this decision give me the degree of relaxation and rest I know I need?”

— LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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