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Knowledge is not enough

Information, Application, Transformation

— LYnn Selwa, The Rocket Science Coach ™

You’re up next!

Imagine you’re backstage at this weekend’s all-companies, all-generic training event for our profession. You have been preparing for this moment for months, when you were invited to speak. You flew to Las Vegas last night. Now you’re backstage. You can watch the stage action on large screen monitors. The technicians are hurrying around and talking in hushed tones. One comes up to you and verifies your name and that your projection slides are loaded. You nod, thinking about your first lines. You hear the crash of applause. The speaker is finishing, and the MC begins your introduction.

It took you years of effort to get here.

What is YOUR message to this crowd?

Think diligently about this. The opportunity may come more quickly than you realize.

And will you be ready to fill in on a moment’s notice in your company’s local meeting? That’s how the road to the big stage usually starts.

Be ready! And believe me, we in the audience want to hear what you have to say. You’re a new voice, without preconceived ideas in the minds of the audience.

We’ve all heard the “big names” and many of us can nearly quote their training. It’s good information. However…

Show us what point of view our industry has been missing.

Show us YOU.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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“You know the drill.”

A new person likely DOESN’T.

Even if they were paying attention each time you contacted them, spoke with them, and conducted their presentation.

An experienced network marketer might have more skills and seem confident about what to do… then again, their old company might have encouraged behavior that your company’s culture abhors– or is simply ineffective for your product and service.

Be sure to give each new distributor their basic training.

Even if they claim they know what to do.


A rapidly-growing organization needs a consistent basic training for their new people. It’s how your team propogates the effective behaviors and company culture. People do what their leaders do… and if the leaders don’t attend a basic training at least once, the newer people will decide they can skip it too. And someone who hasn’t sat through the basic training will not know how to teach it, for your company’s style.

A sign of a great leader is the willingness to be a student.

So go to, and encourage attendance at, your company’s basic training.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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