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Be an introverted show-off

Show the world what you can do. Never mind the world. Show yourself.

–Bob Bowman, career-long coach for Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps

What’s your focus when you are heading for a goal? Does a corner of your brain want to show yourself what you’re capable of? Or are you outwardly-focused on what “they” will say or give you at the finish line?

Maybe a healthier way is to show yourself what you’re capable of, and enjoy any applause and accolades that come your way. That’s the philosophy that Michael himself uses… he says in his “No Limits” autobiography that he only races against the clock, and not against other swimmers.

(Notice I didn’t suggest accomplishing the goal in secrecy or celebrating only behind closed doors. Please enjoy the rewards of your efforts!)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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When the party’s over…

January starts with a burst of excitement and optimism, with parties and setting impressive goals.

Then about a week later… the elation wears off.

This is when the goal looks most bleak: after the excitement of setting it wears off and long before it is manifested. Maybe you’ve not followed through with your daily action plan. Or the finish line simply seems TOO FAR AWAY.

The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.

–Dr. Brene Brown

A step toward your goals is better than no step. I salute your courage to move in the direction you envision.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Save This (Restart) Coupon

January 1st can have a nearly mythic quality in the world of personal development.

It’s “THE” new year.

“I will reach all my goals!”

“I will become the person I always wanted to be!”

In an inspiration from The Brady Bunch television show, I describe that as: “Pressure, pressure, pressure.”

(Imagine an exasperated younger sister saying that to her seemingly-perfect older sister.)

Today is the 3rd day of 2019. If you find yourself frustrated with your lack of progress thus far (or you didn’t behave the way you planned), I’m giving you permission…

Permission to restart.

In fact, you can claim it as many times as you want.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Official Restart Coupon from The Rocket Science Coach ™

The bearer of this coupon has permission
to restart “The Year” now.

All New Year’s Resolutions and Goals have a clean slate.

Multiple Uses Allowed.

Valid Jan 1-Dec 31, 2019

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Move the goalpost

Have you taken a deep and candid look at your vision board or goal sheet lately?

I used to want a fancy sportscar … but now we live in Europe and enjoy fast & comfortable public transit. We are whisked along the rails past rush hour gridlock. There is little on-the-street parking and few parking lots. A car has become more of a liability than a pleasure.

Some of the goals I set years ago also involve people and animals who have since passed away… needless to say it’s time for me to rewrite or drop them.

And I’m simply not interested in some goals anymore.

It’s okay to release a goal.

If you feel resistance to dropping one you no longer want, ask yourself, “Whom am I trying to impress with this goal?”

Be willing to let go someone else’s ideal of your success.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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One flat tire

I saw a meme this week that made me smile.

Here’s my best description of it:

Giving up after one difficult stumble is like noticing you have one flat tire on your car… and then slashing the other three.

The yearlong calendar shows we are at the end of the first quarter.

Did you accomplish what you planned?

If yes, congratulations!

If not, you still have 9 months (three quarters of a year) to accomplish what you planned for the year.

Think about this: People are used to time moving linearly. But money and leveraged businesses grow in a curve.

A leveraged sales business grows slowly at first, then picks up momentum as the distributor team and customer base grows. Its growth pattern is more typical of a
parabola or exponential function.

Keep moving forward and let the mathematic possibilities inspire you.

Allow yourself to be delighted when some long-planted seeds begin to sprout.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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What drives you?

During training sessions for new distributors, the trainer frequently conducts a short goal-setting session.

To guide us in setting a goal, trainers will frequently focus on “why” we do the business.

For some people, the “why” starts off as earning a specific sum of money, evolves into what that money provides (a yacht, for example), and concludes with the feeling that item gives us (pride, for example.) And we are advised to focus on that emotion in order to motivate ourselves.

But this is an incomplete process.

Let’s ask ourselves an important question: why did the person want a yacht in the first place?

In other words, why do we want our “why”?

Using one-sentence descriptions, thought leader Seth Godin lists 18 common stories that drive behavior.

Take a look… and see if the list gives you some insights into your decisions.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Is it inspiring?

One of the speakers explored that question last weekend.

As I mentioned last week, I watched the livestream of The Most Powerful Women In Network Marketing event during the long weekend. I was able to watch most of the Friday daytime and Saturday daytime sessions.

On Saturday morning Diana Ross addressed us via videorecording from the United Kingdom.

She discussed creating an accountability system, including how to reward ourselves when we achieve a goal.

“But what if you are in debt? Should you still spend money to reward yourself for reaching a goal?”

Her advice: If you are in debt, use SOME of the money you’re earning to pay it down… AND also reward yourself. You deserve a reward simply because you achieved your goal. The treat can be a small one. Realize that paying down debt is not inspiring on its own.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Are your goals shaky?

In the USA it is fashionable to set goals, resolutions, and habits leading up to New Year’s Eve, to be followed during the new year.

And some are doomed from the start.

I learned significant tips from Raymond Aaron’s “Smart Goals, Massive Results” audiotape set in the late 1990’s. (now available in more modern ways). In the set Raymond talks through the 17 Goal Recording Rules that help ensure each goal is solid.

What surprised me is how obvious many of them should be… once I learned the reasons behind each Rule. Our brains think in a literal fashion, much like a 3 year old child, and that quirk can derail many of the best intentions.

Perhaps you have set goals during a training session. It’s common to take part in a goal-setting session during one’s first months in any business. There are numerous goal-setting trainings and webinars available in the business world.

After learning Raymond’s rules, I cringe when I sit through most of them. I hear many of the rules being violated, and the result is people are inadvertently set up to fail.

I’m a big believer in Rules 12 and 14. Most goal-setting speakers blatantly ignore them.

When I follow Raymond’s rules, I nearly always reach my goals. When I don’t, I miss by a significant distance.

I hate to be so vague.  I simply don’t want to violate any trademark or copyright laws.

If you’re interested in Smart Goals Massive Results, here is the direct link to the product descriptions.

(I receive no compensation for advertising or from sales)

Wishing you a prosperous and satisfying Year 2017,

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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