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Your true gift to the world

It’s not all the things that are right and wonderful about you, but the things that are wrong with you, the things that don’t work, and don’t fit in, the things that make you unique, that make you yourself, that are your true gift to the world.   –Actor Sharon Stone

When you are talking with a potential distributor or customer, share a little about you. Even if you’re using a script, be sure to include a few things about you in the conversation– beyond the business. For example, your hobby or sports team you play on. What you cooked or what movie you watched over the weekend. One of your fitness goals.

Remember, people join people, not companies.

It’s the non-business similarities that create the strong relationships.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Refocus that passion

Seeing celebrations of the Baseball World Series reminds me of an article I read. I can’t remember the author but suspect it was economist Paul Zane Pilzer. The next three paragraphs are my best recollection of that article.

The author observed that people have passion inside themselves. LOTS of passion. They want to display it in a way that is approved by the greater society, especially toward a “winning” cause.

Many cheer for a sports team because it is a society-approved way to use that energy. We humans get an endorphin rush from bonding together in a cause greater than our individual lives. It’s even better if “our” team wins! (And if our team loses, we can commiserate together.)

What if fans took a slice of that passion and applied it to launching and marketing their own businesses? Doing so can be riskier because there is pressure to “win,” and some people deem it is a “selfish” use of energy to spend so much time and energy on an endeavor that benefits “only themselves.” The solo entrepreneur typically lacks large numbers of fans in their early days in business, before experiencing large success.

LYnn here: When distributors join your team, they are learning how to focus at least some of that passion on a project. You are automatically a player or coach on their field, but their proverbial stands might be empty. Be THEIR biggest fan and cheer them on.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Hidden praise

Two days ago I went shopping for Halloween candy.

I know I’m 6 weeks early, but this is when the selection is widest. And only a few people were browsing.

I knew exactly what I wanted: a particular brand of lollipop, because it is free of major allergens.

You see,  400 costume trick-or-treaters knock on our door each Halloween. Yes, 400.

And as I shopped for 400 of those lollipops, I didn’t even look at the price on the bags.

I suddenly planted my feet in the aisle, tugging my shopping cart to a halt between the Kit Kats and Smarties. I realized how much more prosperous we are than during the early years of our marriage, back when I hunted in the aisles for the cheapest candy (typically the no-name imitation of Smarties)– or forgo giving any treats at all. And I seized the moment to make a video with my smartphone,  telling that story as I stood in that aisle, with the backdrop of 6ft high shelves lined with cellophane bags of candy.

The surprise came when I posted the video to social media the next afternoon.

I received the typical Likes and a few comments about “congratulations.”

But some people I haven’t heard from in many months began commenting, telling me how much they appreciated receiving greeting cards from me. (No mention of greeting cards in the video.)

I send those people birthday and anniversary cards each year and never hear a peep from many of them, year after year, unless on the rare occasion we see each other face-to-face– at which point they commonly gush “thank you for the cards you send” as one of their first comments.

Many of those cards never bounced back with a bad address, so I kept sending. In some cases I wondered if they ever received the mailings… perhaps the cards were getting thrown away by a family member or roommate?

Well, something in that video or comment thread triggered a chain of gratitude. And it made my day!

Whatever your product is… keep building strong relationships that show you care more about people than their wallet.

You never know when the appreciation will change from hidden to visible.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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