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Should you ask?

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I recently celebrated my ninth year with my current company. Many of my friends in other companies have offered their sincere congratulations.

In those nine years, I met distributors who market an astonishing variety of products and services. Makeup, financial products, pet food, legal protection, healthy coffee, weight loss aids, communication products, personal development, household cleaning and decorating, women’s clothing, gold coins, candles, essential oils. And more. I’m pleased that our shared profession is becoming more popular.

When asked to look at another business opportunity, I politely and clearly state, “This is the only company I represent, and I’m happy with my choice.”

Sometimes the conversation sours at that point. Some reps won’t respect that answer and begin to insist, “You can make a LOT more money in OUR company.” Or, “You HAVE to look at our video!”

Okay, I give them credit for expressing passion and confidence.

But is this an effective way to add team members?

Here’s the perspective of a Big Hitter.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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