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Let’s talk about resisting change.

More change happened this week in our marketing tools. We received another one (which looks robust and well constructed).

I have been watching the conversations in the distributors-only forum, and I made this observation: many people resist a change because it’s different from what they prefer.

Preferences can guide our lives. When we prefer habits and activities that grow our skills, we become better leaders. When we prefer procrastination, we delay our success.

I think many people resist change because they prefer what they already use (or not).

The challenge is, how do we identify WHY we prefer something?

Do we prefer it because we have figured out how to use it (no matter how well or poorly it does the job)? Preference can be a result of “mastering” a tool or process so that we can be an authority and teach others how to use it.

Preference can also come from predictability. We know when we do X, it gives us Y.

Preference can also be driven by price, by the authority of who recommended it, or by how many people you know are using it.

The next time you resist a change, I suggest you think about why you prefer the “old way.”

(and sometimes the old way truly is better. But be clear why it is “better.”)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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