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Which is the worst pain?

I spotted an inspiring quote while scrolling through Facebook.

“Growth is painful.
CHANGE is painful.
But nothing is as painful as staying somewhere and you know you can be better.”

That was posted by Kenya Safari Acrobats.

This advice resonated with me.

In network marketing we teach people how to acquire the skills of an entrepreneur. Each of us comes to this profession with varying levels of mastery, and we strive to become more effective.

If you have plateaued in enrolling new distributors, you might be watching other colleagues reach higher ranks. Comparison can be inspiring, but it can cause mental pain as well… you likely feel you can be better than you are. This is what some trainers call “divine discontent.”

I think the quote is a warning: avoid giving up mentally. Don’t resign yourself to your current level of accomplishment. Instead, keep building your skills, and take pride in your mental progress.

All success begins in the mind.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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