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“Can you send some of that money magnetism my way lol?!?!?”

Earlier this week, I found a penny in a parking lot,
posted a photo on social media… and that was one friend’s reaction.

square crayon drawing of a penny on black asphalt

(I frequently find, photograph, and pick up coins on the sidewalk!)
Here’s what I replied:
I have given serious thought to your question. Here are my 4 basic “starter” guidelines:

1) Declare “I Am a Money Magnet” at least once a day, whether silently or aloud

2) Treat money well (pick up coins on the sidewalk, smooth out creases in paper money, update your spending & investing details in accounting software weekly or more often).

3) Banish any “smack talk” from your own words (such as “We can’t afford that,” “I don’t like money,”  and any negative judgments about how other people spend their own money).

4) Study the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

Reader, what advice would you give in this situation?
Send me your comments in the feedback form (on the About page)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™