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What does boredom cause?

Note: If you are struggling with perpetual defeating thoughts such as”why is everyone so happy” or “they would be better off without me,” please call your medical doctor or visit an hospital emergency room immediately. These thoughts sometimes get stronger and more unbearable around the end-of-year holidays. I may not know you in person, but I assure you that You Matter In This World.  –LS


Today I spotted a blog entry regarding boredom, claiming it is a direct cause of depression and suicide. I’m a long-time reader of his work, and he’s no stranger to bold yet thoughtful statements, most of which I respect because of the critical thinking skills he applies in developing them. Today I definitely disagree with his viewpoint. Here are the comments I posted.

“I disagree about boredom as a cause of depression or suicide. Clinical depression and suicidal thoughts are symptoms of an urgent medical situation, and I urge people experiencing those to seek a medical doctor or an emergency room for help, immediately.

When people are perpetually bored, that typically signals being in a rut. I agree that introspection can be helpful in discovering what one truly wants out of life, and those discoveries can uncover some uncomfortable realizations about one’s past decision-making and behavior.

However, for the person who is experiencing suicidal thoughts or clinical depression (not a mild ‘down in the dumps’), self-introspection can easily lead to rumination, which makes the situation worse. The therapist’s job includes guiding the introspection and logical thinking in ways that dig deep yet keep the person’s mind from being a weapon turned against oneself. The very process of therapy typically includes examining every belief one has. (I use the word ‘typically’ here, because there are many modes of psychotherapy.)

I don’t think public speaking is truly people’s number one fear.

Deep introspection is.

Only the brave attempt it, either on their own or with a therapist. Only the bravest make the changes it indicates.”

If you are examining your path in any aspect of your life, I send you strength and courage.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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In charge but feeling depressed?

When enrolling with a direct sales, party plan, or network marketing company, many people are stepping far away from the path predicted by their parents and friends.

That new direction promises many thrilling rewards, and it also comes with an additional set of stressors. Some are anxiety-producing simply because they are new to us… we don’t have any experience of our own, or from our families, to guide us.

And some stressors are simply more daunting than the relative safety of collecting a paycheck. Being responsible for RUNNING the business that generates the paycheck can be a heavy load to bear. The applause can be soaring and the tribulations can feel overwhelming. Know your journey might be private, yet your situation is similar to many other entrepreneurs’ experiences.

If you find yourself feeling isolated, depressed, or wondering if the planet would be better off without you, please seek help from a trained medical professional.

You Matter In This World.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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