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8 questions for your next sprint

I classify a “Sprint” as a period of focused business-building actions. For example, a sprint can contain invitations to a regional event, reaching out to gather customers, reaching out to set presentation appointments, or holding 3-way credibility calls with your sponsor or newer teammates.

For comparison, I ran track in grade school. I remember the first several practices in early March, where the winter cold would burn my lungs as I gasped for breath. Frigid air, cold-numb reddened hands, and uninspiring grey skies were the price I paid to get back in shape for the spring competitive season. When it came time to run in the first meet, I was ready to give my strongest effort.

By definition, a sprint is intended to be short-lived. 100 meters, 200 meters, or a complete lap around the track for 400 meters. That last example is pushing the limit of how long an Olympic athlete can sustain the strongest effort for the entire race.

There are some parallels between network marketing “massive action” and a classic runner’s sprint. Let’s take a closer look at eight questions for creating a sprint of business-building activities.

1. What is your goal?
More subscription customers? More distributors? Qualifying for the revenue-sharing pool or car contract?


2. What are the activities you will do?
Texting invitations for a presentation? Texting or calling to follow-up and ask people to get started? Conducting large group presentations? Hosting 3 way calls with your sponsor?


3. How long can you sustain it?
(staying on pace for the days you are SCHEDULED to work)

If you hear a lot about  “90 day” sprints, it might feel overwhelming. Try reducing the length: 9 weeks, 9 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes. Reduce the length until you feel a surge of excitement and a thought of “I can commit to that!” This pace will keep you moving while avoiding overwhelm. Ride that edge. Even 9 Minute Bursts added to your daily activities can create some serious action in your organization.


4. Think of Run-Then-Walk, not Run-Then-Stop.
In Track and Field, the runner can expend all her energy for that sprint, and immediately afterward enjoy a rest break of sitting and refueling for the next event.

In contrast, a field leader in the top one-half-percent of our company told me: you MUST keep moving forward in your business directly after a “blitz” or “massive action.” If you stop because you’re tired or burned out, you have wasted all that energy because the momentum will die. He told me this distinction is KEY to reaping the benefits from a period of intense activities.

Let’s put that in Track and Field language. Imagine yourself running a 100 meter dash, which is the distance of one of the long straight “sides” of the track, then walking the remaining distance to complete one lap of the running track., not stopping after the run. How fast were you running?

Likewise in your business, what amount of activity will get you moving faster AND be able to maintain a steady pace afterward?

Thinking of “jogging” instead of running. In MLM it is pointless to race someone when it exhausts you.


5. What time-sucking activities will you replace with business?
(Facebook or social media, a television show– record it and watch it on your day off. Can you arrange for other people to do housework or cover your carpools, and return the favor by doing double-duty after the sprint?)


6. What are your sprint-activity times? SCHEDULE them.


7. What is your scheduled time-off: daily and weekly?
You need daily & weekly pauses for proper food, mediation/spiritual practice, sleep, exercise, and being with family. You might be able to cheat on these in the short run, but doing so will cause your body to break down (get sick or injured) and then you will be FORCED to step away from your business.


8. How will you reward yourself: daily and at the end of the sprint?
(give yourself a sticker on your calendar, posting about your progress on Facebook or simply enjoying the relaxing effect of browsing social media, a special ice cream sandwich, dinner out at the end, brushing your teeth.)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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