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Is it a warning signal?

Let’s peek into the mind of a newbie.

Yeah, I expect some difficulty when I start a new path. Just like when I launched my current business.

I have a new company, new product type, new sponsor. And something to prove.

But I’m a fast learner… or so I was always told.

So why does a business seem to get harder? I finish one challenge, and another one pops into its place. Where’s the “flow”?

As I coach newbie distributors on my team, I ask myself how to help such a person. And it triggers an important realization: Do I expect the “Right” technique will make my business grow fast, automatically? And am I teaching that mindset either through direct words or by implication?

Here’s the main question for a distributor to ask themselves:

Is struggle or challenge signaling that I’m on the wrong path?

Would it be more helpful to say, I know I’m on the right path BECAUSE things got harder?

Only you can decide.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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A quick way to look professional

Nearly every company has individual replicated retail sites for their distributors.

When I bring a new person into my team, I ask them if they have 15 minutes.

Usually they respond, Yes.

I give them a task: go to their replicated web site, upload a head shot of them (take a selfie now if you need to!), and fill out any information their site needs to post, including writing a reasonable sentence or two in the “About Me” section.

If they get stuck, I tell them to fill in the blanks: “I like [the product or service] because [a fun or inspiring experience they had with it].”

A one-sentence “About me” is fine. And so is a selfie taken in that moment.

Starting with those blanks filled is more imporant than waiting for the perfect headshot photoshoot or letting perfectionism get in the way of filling in the blanks.

If a distributor has been in business for more than 24 hours, I’m negatively impressed if their replicated web site shows me a grey-square and announces “A valued distributor.” It’s the same effect of leaving the windows covered on your bricks-and-mortar storefront… you’re signalling to the world that you are “not open for business yet.”

Sometimes it’s easier to refine than to aim for a polished first.

–LYnn Selwa “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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