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It’s your turn

It’s been intense. I’m watching the recording of the last day of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals convention. This is the final session, wrapping up a platform of 60 speakers in four days.  #ANMP2016

Each presenter had a different message. Many of them shared their hard-won knowledge from multiple decades in the profession, revealing their secrets to success.

Imagine yourself on that stage, addressing several hundred professionals. The top income earners of many companies are sitting in the audience taking notes; they believe in being students of their profession and that they can learn from EVERYONE. Now it’s your turn at the microphone, and their faces turn upward toward you, friendly and expectant smiles on their faces.

The next 20 minutes are all yours.

What will you talk about?

What is your unique gift or viewpoint you learned through your network marketing or party plan efforts? It might be a clever way to teach a common topic. (For example, I now have an easy-to-remember method to classify people’s personality types because of Amy Polk Sever’s presentation.) Your topic could be something so obvious that most networkers have lost sight of it.

This idea is worth some contemplation.

And be ready, because your first “celebrity moment” might come earlier than you predict.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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