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Are we expecting results that can’t happen?

I stumbled across a video by Mel Robbins, titled “How to stop screwing yourself over.” She talked about a fact: You’re never going to feel like taking actions in your life that supposedly lead to the results you desire.

Even if you WANT to. Even if you have a big incentive to. The brain hates change, and emotion by itself is simply not enough to propel us into action. (and if it lasts long enough, it might even have the opposite effect! Watch the video for more detail.)

You have to motivate yourself to take the physical action, instead of waiting to “feel motivated.”

Her observation triggered an interesting idea in my mind:

In the business-self-development arena, are we expecting the feelings generated from vivid visualization to do something they are incapable of doing?

Let me explain.

Common goal-setting advice includes vividly imagining achieving the goal in order to generate joy and excitement.

As a technically-educated person, I know thoughts (electric impulses in the brain) create a magnetic field, and magnets induce electric current in nearby objects that can carry a current (such as another person’s brain, albeit dependent on several conditions).

Visualizing things repeatedly, or simply focusing on one idea, also revs up the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which primes the brain to pay closer attention to similar situations and things that can help manifest the idea.

But… are we expecting those uplifting emotions to generate the internal motivation?

If emotion itself isn’t enough to generate internal motivation to take action, then what’s missing?

The answer: a decision to begin, otherwise known as generating the Activating Energy.

The thoughts and emotions drive the subtle attractive forces operating externally, but you still have to do your (inner) part by making the decision to take action. I think the joy and excitement (and even a sense of desperation) can inspire a such a decision.

Just don’t expect the emotions to be enough to keep you in motion.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

P.S. If you want more information how magnetism creates electric current (and vice versa), check out this article about Maxwell’s Equations.

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Whom should I tell?

Imagine your company’s web site botched your end-of-week order. You feel angry and frustrated. You have the urge to TELL SOMEONE.

The biggest question to ask yourself is, “Is this complaining, informing, or working toward a solution?”

Complaining: This awful thing is happening! It isn’t fair! Why didn’t someone anticipate this?? (Said with the intent to broadcast far and wide in order to – consciously or not – garner sympathy or stir outrage)

Informing: The website is not functioning correctly. Here’s what to expect and how to work around the issue. (said in a more focused and non-inflammatory way, concentrating on channels used by current users of the site)

Working toward a solution: Hello, I’m using the ABC feature, and when I do DEF, it does UVW. I would like it to do XYZ. (a private and calmly-worded communication from you to the Information Technology department, using details and sequences of events)

The more your communication is private, calm, and feature-focused, the more likely it is to be working toward a solution.

It’s true other distributors should know any pressing issues (relative to their experience level and likelihood of encountering them). However, take care that you are informing them instead of merely stirring up emotions.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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It’s more powerful than technique.

Have you been in the audience, watching a presenter speaking… and then you feel the energy shift.

You can tell the speaker is about to speak from the heart.

Off-script but on-point.

Suddenly everyone who was letting their mind wander … starts paying full attention.

People sit up in their chairs. They lean forward in anticipation.

It may be only a few words. But the effect is profound.

You get a glimpse of the real person instead of a finely-crafted and well-rehearsed exterior.

It feels different because it is connecting through emotions.


Truth. It’s more powerful than any speech or sales technique.

Up to that moment, you may have felt strong emotion regarding their talk. But in that glimpse, you feel THEIRS. That two-way emotional connection is riveting.

Of course, when you are the speaker, maintain your healthy boundaries. Also guard any company-private information.

Telling the truth doesn’t mean spilling your guts or T.M.I. (Too Much personal Information). It requires telling the audience what you FEEL about this subject. “I feel ______.” Hate, love, disgust, pity, compassion, longing. Or something else. And why.

Let them hear it in your voice, if only for a moment. Speak human-to-human instead of announcing your next bullet point or topic.

I betcha that glimpse is the part of the speech they remember.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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When the party’s over…

Veteran network marketers, you know what I’m talking about.

The Post-Convention Dip.

No inspiring speaker to listen to, surrounded by thousands of like-minded people.

No one making my bed. Suitcases to unpack. Forget about room service meals.

It’s the week after feeling “Bullet-Proof.”

Our Rookie of the Year said it best. “This week you’re bullet-proof. You can approach anyone about your business with complete confidence. But what about next week?”

Even we “engineering types” experience an uplift of emotions during convention… and so we are not immune to the swing of emotions either.

Here are my two tips for handling the post-convention deflation in emotions:

First, know that it’s coming. Tell your team about it, so they know what to expect.

Second, get an accountability partner.

Both tips will help you permanently apply your renewed commitment to business growth learned during that trip.

I have an accountability partner in my company… that’s not her formal role, but it’s the truth. Every time this lady calls me to discuss her business progress, we concentrate on her goals for the coming weeks, on her strategies and her questions. I welcome those calls and we schedule time for those discussions.

And each time I talk to her, I mention one of my outreach goals for the coming week.

Just knowing that I told her a snippet of what I planned is enough to internally urge me to complete that goal. I’m seeing progress in my business, and I have her friendship to thank.

(plus she’s a subscriber to this blog, so I know she’ll read this message)

Being accountable can be fun. And you can reinforce that behavior on your own by “celebrating everything”: every focused business-building action, every text or phone call that went positively, every time you gathered your courage and reached out to an influential person.

Keep doing celebration dances in your office and throwing your arms upward in a V of victory especially after the more challenging actions… and your next convention will be here before you know it!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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