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A Year, A Green Mirror

Each year brings its unique challenges. Sometimes our efforts result in exactly what we want, and others leave us short of our goals.

Our businesses reflect these situations to us at different speeds.

Nowadays, many companies pay on a weekly or daily basis with a direct deposit. When we earn the bonus or residual income, we receive it much faster. This is a mirror with quick response. I named this Mirror Type One.

Our customer-gathering and distributor signups tend to lag about 6 weeks after the outreach effort (or lack thereof). The results of our outreach may take a few weeks for us to reap the benefits of a signup. Likewise, if we slack off, it may take several weeks for the signup rate to start decreasing. It is a mirror with a delayed response. I call this Mirror Type Two.

Our inner (personal) growth starts on the inside and may take weeks, months, or years to show on the exterior. This is a mirror with a lengthy delay. I call this Mirror Type Three.

Because the progression toward our goals seems to start with the third type of activity (with the longest time between effort and result), followed by the second type (delay of a few weeks), followed by the first type (delay of 1-7 days), the rewards seem to come in bursts. The effects of the Mirrors seem to stack up at the end of the process, when Mirror Type One shows us the money.

If you experienced bursts of (or sustained) Mirror Type One encounters, I congratulate you on your visible success.

If your Mirror Type One experiences were few or absent during this year, I still am proud of you, and I invite you to look in The Green Mirror.

The Green Mirror is your personal mirror of all the steps that are leading you toward Types One, Two, and Three. It includes all the private struggles and personal victories. It contains the list of all the business activities you may have brushed off as “not enough.” I named these types of progress-toward-goal experiences as Green Lights, and if you feel discouraged about your progress, I strongly suggest you take a look at them. I’m willing to bet you grew more inside than the world gives you credit for.

May you finish Year 2018 with a smile, and may you begin 2019 with joy.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Thank you for 354, and a green reminder

During the final week of the year, I think about all the adventures I experienced and the goals I accomplished. I’m looking at the blog statistics for 2017… this blog received 354 visitors this year from 16 countries.

Thank you.

The voice or approach of the technically-trained distributor does not get much publicity on the large stages. However, it is worth discussing. We contribute in a unique way to the profession. To us, numbers matter. Procedures matter. And being included matters. Through this blog I aim to give our technical mindset a voice. Other scientifically-educated people who understand our profession are welcome to add theirs.

Call it by many names: Leveraged Sales, Network Marketing, Party Plan, MLM, Relationship Sales, Direct Sales, Passive Income Source, Residual Income Generator. And ultimately it is a network of people helping others become successful, where teamwork is more important than being the superstar.

Our mutual line of work can be our most flattering or most hideous mirror. It’s our choice. How we treat each other and how we treat people outside the profession will determine our overall reputation.

You also create your personal reputation. Regardless of the path(s) you personally chose this past year– super-focused, part time, or sabbatical, I know you have accomplished many things in your life.

My year-end wish is that you are proud of the choices you made, that they reflect your deepest integrity, and above all, you respected yourself during the actions and their effects.

If you feel disappointed regarding the results you see from your business this year, I encourage you to celebrate your green lights.

I have faith there is more to celebrate than you initially imagine.

May you be proud of what you accomplished and gentle with yourself regarding the areas where you feel you “fell short.” And as they say here in Deutschland, “Wishing you a good slide into the new year!”

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Celebrate Green Lights

Imagine you’re sitting in your car at a red traffic light and the light turns green.


Do you fold your arms across your chest, start pouting and refuse to press the gas pedal, because even if you drive through this green light you’re not at your destination??? No way!!

I betcha you would be thinking some version of, Oh good, I’m on my way! That’s one step closer to getting to my destination!

As each calendar year draws to a close, the media tend to publish lists of “the best of the year, or rankings of people and events.

It’s natural to also take proverbial stock of one’s own life accomplishments of the year… and that can create problems if we do it destructively.

In network marketing, there is much emphasis about the number of customers & distributors on a person’s team, their promotion level in the company, earnings comparisons, etc.

It’s great to celebrate those types of accomplishments. If you have advanced in any of those categories, I certainly congratulate you!

However, many of those markers of external success are out of the control of the individual distributor.

Enrolling a customer or distributor requires the other person to take action. As do fulfilling the customer and distributor enrollment and purchase requirements to advance in rank.

And “top 50 income earners” types of lists then compare which distributors received the most results of decisions made out of their control.

Even worse: if you aren’t on such lists, and you compare yourself to people who are.

Take a guess how many times, and how often, I compared my progress to my sponsor’s. (Hint: when I feel the most discouraged about my business progress, I nearly always was comparing myself to my sponsor, who has re-qualified and served on the founder’s advisory board every period since it was created!)

So, what’s a more supportive and hope-creating way to look at “slow growth”?

When you’re driving on a main road in any large town in the USA, you will encounter stoplights. By law you are required to stop at a red light and are free to move forward when the light turns green. So you could say that the green light is a signal that you are moving forward. You haven’t necessarily arrived at your destination or goal, but at least you’re on your way.

Some “Green Lights” in a Network Marketing business:

“I loved the sample you sent!”

“I’m interested in learning more!”

“How did you do that?”

Scheduling a presentation

Your potential client tries your product

A subscription customer automatically purchases this month’s auto-order

You brought a guest to a business presentation conference call, an in-person business presentation, or seminar

If you are thinking, “Well, I scheduled a presentation, but that’s not very exciting”, or some other discouraging thought, consider this: Imagine one of the distributors in your organization called to tell you they scheduled a presentation… or their potential client tried the product. Would you be proud of them?? So apply the same yardstick to your own actions.

I challenge you to write a list (handwritten or typed) of some of your Green Lights! Put it in your business mementos box or even on your desk, so you can remind yourself that you are making progress.

During this holiday season, let the green stoplights you see while driving be a reminder of this lesson.

–Lucky LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™