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You’re not brag-able anymore

You used to be the one who worked their way up to manager. The stockbroker, the public speaker, the book author. The selfless public school teacher, the soccer coach, the organist at church.

And then you joined “one of those things.”

Please realize some people brag that they know you, for what you do for work.

So when you branch out and start a side business (or change careers), suddenly you don’t fit their previous description.

Many times they seem confused by the change. They say, “You had such ‘respect from the community’ or ‘a great salary,’ so why would you want to change that?”

Be aware that some pressure comes from them wanting you to stay who and where you were, for their comfort.

Be okay with change you choose.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach”

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Who would buy from YOU??

“What do YOU know about ____________? You’re a ________________.”

(Fill in the blanks with your product category and current profession.)

Likely that’s a comment you heard, at least during your first year with your current company.

Sometimes inexperience is not an issue: when there’s already trust in the relationship, such as approaching some friends and family when launching your business.

And sometimes it hurts: People looking for a way to “shut you down” because they can’t imagine you changing course to a different career. Business owners who want you to work with your company for months or years before they buy.

But a true professional has a different approach.

Check out Seth Godin’s angle and see if you agree.

I think he nailed it.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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