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What to argue against

We’ve all experienced the pain and disappointment that comes with a failed dream. The hard part is to realize when you are arguing against failing again, not against the dream.  –Robert Kiyosaki

As independent distributors, eventually all of us face the questions of, Why am I doing this? Why is it hard? Should I try again?

and more importantly: Do I WANT to try again?

Dreams push and pull us, dazzling us with their loveliness and sense of accomplishment. But to reach them we must expand our skill sets, a larger audience needs to learns about us, and we must discover we are truly capable of doing and achieving more.

If you find yourself arguing against pursuing a dream, ask yourself if you’re actually scared of failure.

Argue against your perceived limitations, not your possibilities.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The danger of faking your dream

In a world that craves digital polishing, we abhor outright deception. We appreciate expanding the future, but not exaggerating the past.

If you slept at the Holiday Inn, please don’t saunter into The Ritz and post photos implying you checked in there.

If you do pose for a few snaps in the lobby or under the awning, have the integrity to tell us, “This time I could afford the coffee and a croissant. I want to stay here for a week. I’m taping this picture onto my Vision Board.”

Dream with us, and we will follow. Deceive us, and trust evaporates.

Better a two-star truth than a five-star fake.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The New Frontier

Red rocks in American West

Ever hear of a “land grab?”

That’s a colorful way of describing people grabbing a scarce resource, quickly.

Think about pioneers staking their homestead claims in the western USA prairies. Or discovering gold, silver, or oil… and protecting it.

Old ways of creating wealth typically involved physical resources such as land, precious metals, or controlling labor of large numbers of people. All these were dependent on exterior items and required large amounts of money or time. And the value was based on the scarcity of the resource.

In contrast, modern-day wealth tends to come from inside the individual and is readily accessible. I’m speaking of intellectual property, which is developed from the imagination– an ever-replenishing resource. The Harry Potter phenomenon, selling web site names, programming smartphone apps, to name a few.

As more intellectual property is created and marketed, it continually re-triggers the insatiable human desire for the “new and shiny.” Its value is based on newness or degree of creativity.

Because it is based on a limitless resource, such modern-day financial prosperity is truly unlimited… and is accessible to you.

Are you staking your claim in the new frontier?

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The Future Letter

Imagine waking up on January 1, 2016 and opening a letter… which describes lots of fun and fabulous things you experienced in 2015.

This is one of my favorite dream-building exercises!

Here’s how it works: Grab a sheet of paper and pen. Date the letter January 1, 2016, and address it to whomever you wish: G-d, Loving Universe, yourself, Your Higher Self– whomever you please.


Pretend it is January 1, 2016. You are reflecting back on the year 2015 and giving thanks for many fun things you did or accomplished.

Let your imagination run wild. Joyfully describe your cooking vacation in Italy, running your first marathon, getting your book published, promoting in your company, paying off credit cards, donating time or money to your favorite charity, getting a weekly massage, paying for your niece’s private school tuition, volunteering at your grandchildren’s school, delivering speeches, attending spiritual retreats. Put dates on them if you want, and feel free not to. Some descriptions require high flexibility in order to manifest in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

Be as general or specific as you please. The more specific you get, the more emotional and powerful that scene becomes, aiding your brain in manifesting it.

And, be sure to include at least one pie-in-the-sky “Big Dream”… one that gets you excited but you’re not sure how to accomplish it.

Traditionally I finish my letter with a phrase, “I give thanks for these or something better, for the good of all and harm to none.” After all, if you described two easily-funded vacations, would it be OK with you to receive a 3rd?

Sign it, and reread it. Feel the fun and celebration coming from your words!

Now seal it in an envelope…to be opened January 1, 2016.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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