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How would a corporate interviewer describe network marketing?

On Monday I had a brainstorm: how would the Human Resources department of a large corporation describe network marketing distributorships?

Let’s listen in as the fictitious interview is drawing to a close…



“… And now it’s time to discuss the details of your role in our company. Instead of a per-hour or annual rate, I will offer you a position only 5% of adults are ready for.

“You can join our Senior Manager Mentorship program. Your role will be to open and build a new Senior Manager Division of our company. You will pick your Mentor, and they will coach you in getting started and steer you toward ongoing training for you and your Marketing Team.

“You will be a talent scout as you search for and interview your choice of people who will comprise your Marketing Team. Additionally your duties include building a group of customers via Outbound Sales Methods (OSM) for yourself and coaching each Marketing Team member to do the same.

“The easiest way to create your Personally Enrolled Customer Base (PECB) is to introduce people to our fantastic product line while you are searching for Marketing Team members. Encourage the customers to acquire a subscription, as that will give them the best price and smooth out their cashflow for heavy-activity months.

“Let’s talk about your financial compensation. We are lifting the cap on your income and allowing you to build your income and team to the size you want. As a Senior Manager Trainee, you will be Paid for Performance for your own efforts, receive bonuses as your Marketing Team grows, and you will automatically receive a percentage of the product purchasing activity of your team members and their customer bases.

“Additionally there is a revenue-sharing program based on the global customer volume, which is available to Managers and above who qualify for this bonus program.

“You will earn the Product Purchase Percentage Commissions (PPPC) whether you show up to work or not, provided you maintain a very reasonable Outbound Customer Volume. This means you will be paid whether you are working, playing, or sleeping, whether on or off the planet. Same thing goes for vacation, personal leave, taking care of a sick child, or caring for an elderly family member. This time flexibility gives you unlimited amounts of leave that needs no approval from the management.

“You can build your Senior Manager Division at the speed you need. The headquarters will provide ongoing support & training for you, your customers. and your Marketing Team members.

“All your paychecks and promotions are calculated by the computer system in the headquarters building. All Marketing Team members have the same pay scale for identical promotion levels. If the computer says you fulfilled the activity, you receive the reward. No favoritism nor nepotism to worry about here.

“You determine your schedule. Whether you want to work from a coffee shop at 10am or from the beach at noon, you have that flexibility. You can also build your Division with part-time or full-time effort and in any country or territory we have legal approval to operate in.

“Here is one of the best financial benefits. Unlike an employee situation, you are classified as a business owner and have the ability to receive the same types of tax advantages as larger and well-known corporations (please check with your CPA for the details and any limitations). This position has the capability to transform common expenses such as car mileage, office supplies, meals & entertainment & travel for business reasons, books, and business seminars, into tax writeoffs, if handled properly. Of course, talk to your CPA or tax professional to learn the details for your situation.

“Your tax professional will be interested to know this. Your Marketing Distributor position can be sold by you, or you can will it to your heirs. With us you are building a leveraged asset, not simply another Division of our company. This rare ability truly makes us stand out in the business world as well as in the profession itself.

“As for advancement, after fulfilling the requirements of the Senior Manager position, we will automatically promote you to an Executive position when you help 5 new people fulfill the Senior Manager requirements. There are some Team Volume and Customer Volume requirements as well.

Are you ready to get started?”

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

P.S. Please note, this post is my own creation and is meant for illustrative purposes only. The situation described in this post is not a binding agreement, nor is it an official contract.

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Positive Press!

The title looks negative, but the review is positive.

Network Marketers, add this article to your “Third Party Credibility” file!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The lure of optimization

In Direct Sales and Network Marketing emphasis is placed on teaching a duplicatable system.

But the engineer in me asks, “How can we make this more efficient?”

The engineer wants to tinker. To streamline and automate. To eliminate the excess.

Sometimes the two sides clash.

It’s true, technology is a larger part of our lives each year.

The question is, At what point does tinkering become a problem?

Do we really need a new comp plan, presentation, or training? MUST they be accessible through an app? If we increase enrollment through automation, do we risk losing the personal touch that bonds teams together at renewal time?

Each company struggles with these questions.

There’s no straightforward answer. Just understand that as technically-trained people, we are simultaneously drawn to following procedures AND looking to optimize.

My suggestion is to keep an eye out for ways the presentation and training can become more efficient while keeping (or increasing) the current level of clarity. Send those suggestions to your home office.

Then tell the optimizing technician in you to take a back seat, and follow the established process.

It’s exciting to innovate, but it’s more satisfying to watch your own team duplicate… and receive your increasing residual income checks.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Bonus-rich but residual-poor?

Network Marketing provides two typical ways to make money: bonuses and residuals.

If you concentrate on the bonus money, the one-time payments for successfully coaching your group, you can make a nice income. Many times this is the figure people concentrate on while viewing the opportunity presentation and in the early months or years of their business.

But bonuses do not create a strong, work-when-you-want, steady income.

The irony is, one-time bonus income is more like a job paycheck. Work once, get paid once.

In contrast, the long-term income is what will set you financially free. It is created by customers (and distributors) purchasing and using your product, month after month. In your plan it might be known as “residual” or “percentage overrides.”

A Big Hitter once told me, “The bonuses are in the pay plans to get money coming in while you build the residual income. And time and money freedom come from a healthy residual income.”

Both types of income are important.

Both add to your bottom line.

Only one will set you free.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Can an overactive imagination make you successful?

My sponsor once observed that

I tend to focus on the negative–

on finding and fixing the flaws that would prevent success.

(I attribute it to my engineering training… assume the vehicle will launch successfully because you have eliminated everything that COULD go wrong. Or know how to fix it if it DOES. Or you have backup systems to handle a flaw. Because many hours were spent on guessing and predicting “what COULD go wrong.” )

Years later, in my network marketing business, my imagination can run away from me, wondering what “she” will say, what “he” will do, the challenging logistics of people coming together in the right combinations… in other words, cooking up all types of ways this could fail!

In contrast,

most personal development literature concentrates on the positive– what is going right and the rosy future–  and seems to ignore or “wish away” those stumbling blocks.

Which seems ignorant and foolish to many technically-trained people.

How to bridge the gap?

Let your strong sense of awareness and active mind work in your favor. Become an “inverse paranoid”. Check out this video!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Culture Clash: “Just the facts, m’am.”

Engineers spend years studying facts in their classwork.

Laws of gravity and mechanical leverage.

The rules of mathematics.

The sometimes-exasperating way a computer will do exactly what your lines of programming say… even if it wasn’t what you intended.

What you can ignore, and what must you account for. And how to apply your knowledge in an inexact world.

Mistakes can be costly: a bad yearly performance review, millions of dollars in recalled product, your job, or even the passenger’s life in the case of an automobile or aircraft failure.

As an aerospace engineer, I was taught that storytelling was a time-wasting distraction in a meeting, and sometimes was a way to distract from numbers that were not pleasing… and to be on guard for those effects when stories were being told.

In the world of the engineer, facts are crucial.

In comparison network marketing places the emphasis on telling stories.

The thrill of discovery of the product. The perseverance of the founder.

How you found your current company.

Tales of celebrations when milestones were reached.

An innocent misstatement of a detail doesn’t necessarily negate the lesson taught in the story.

And trying to learn (and teach) all the facts about your company’s pay plan can be paralyzing to the growth of your distributor organization.

I propose a balanced solution.

Engineers Can: build the skills of engaging storytelling.
A reasonable number of facts can be woven into a presentation, or simply held in memory until the question is asked.

To Communicate With Engineers: tell stories but be ready with your facts!
Be prepared to give a one-sentence synopsis of your story’s lesson that includes an important fact, such as “We sold ___% more product in 2012 compared to 2011.” Third party tools (such as DVDs and links to research articles about the product) can be helpful to present facts.

In A Nutshell:
If your stories seem outlandish to an engineer, they will become believable if you can back them up with verifiable facts.