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Switch the focus

How do you get rid of fear?

The scene: hospital waiting room. Television on.

A maintenance worker steps into the room and stands, watching the news broadcast, waiting for the weather report.

I paraphrase my colleague’s point of view:  “I wanted to approach him, to ask him an icebreaker question and open a conversation about this business. Fear silenced me, and after he left the room, I was angry with myself for remaining silent. I’ve been a distributor for nine years, and I can’t seem to move past the paralyzing fear. Help!”

My personal observation is… when fear comes up, it generally comes from focusing on oneself. (Blog Reader, do you agree?) And fear tends to be diminished by “depersonalizing” the activity: focus on what the other person will gain, focus on “being robotic” by simply dialing the call and thereby”earning” the right to check off that activity, focus on “I get a STICKER for asking the icebreaker question, regardless of what you say!”  To diminish fear, somehow move the focus away from one’s emotions.

The advice I gave:

When you feel fear or hesitation, it comes from focusing on what YOU can “get.”
Switch the focus to what this business can do for them, and it will be easier to approach people.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Is the salad fresh?

stacked white buffet plates from SolidStockArt

Can you picture it?

You’re at a wedding reception, hungry for a healthy lunch, so you walk across the room to the chilled serving table. With plate in the other hand, you extend the tongs toward the first bowl… and realize all the lettuce has brown edges. Then you see smashed tomatoes. Brown apple slices. And as you turn your head to the right, you see every serving dish on this salad bar is spoiled. Nothing looks appetizing.

Something similar might happen in your business… when you talk to a certain type of person.

(maybe it’s a family member, friend from high school, or a business owner you met several years ago)

You earn your first bonus- they’re not impressed.

You rank advance to the second level– they tell you to call back when you qualify for the third.

Becoming a VIP is “no big deal, for a company none of my friends ever mention.”

No matter what your accomplishment is, no matter how far along the ranks you promote, it is never enough for them.

All they offer you is spoiled words, trying to deflate your sense of accomplishment.

It’s as if they want you to eat a plate of wilted lettuce and pretend to enjoy it.

Simply step back and walk away.

Because you deserve better.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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video: a Big Hitter compares job and network marketing

A fireside chat from Mount Charleston, Nevada USA…

2015-01-20 screenshot Jordan firesidechat Four Minutes video

Does your job or business own your life?

What will give you true time and money freedom?

Listen to this quick video from Jordan Adler (network marketing industry trainer and author of “Beach Money”)…

No companies are mentioned.

(full disclosure: Jordan is my network marketing direct sponsor)

Hear his insights on YouTube

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The Universe Rewards Courage.

–LYnn Selwa