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“Can’t afford convention. Maybe next year.”

“Can’t afford convention. Maybe I’ll attend next year.”

Have you heard your team members say that? Or perhaps another distributor at your weekly meeting?

It’s important to respect one’s budget. However, the benefits of attending your company convention are worth the investment in money and time. As one field leader in my company said this week, “Leaders are made at convention.”

So how do we help the people who say, “I’ll attend convention when my business is making enough money to send me”?

Here’s what I did last September.

I woke up in my hotel room the morning after the convention, wondering how to bridge people across that “affordability” gap. I began asking myself a few questions. #talkingtomyself #powerfulproblemsolvingmethod

“What’s a reasonable way to save money for convention?” I asked myself.

My answer: Save money every week or month, from whatever income source(s) you have.

“What’s the biggest stumbling block to doing that?”

My answer: Keeping the idea & excitement of attending fresh in mind, to bolster the long-term commitment.

“How do we make that easier?”

My answer: weekly or monthly reminders.

Later that morning I launched a “Convention Savers” group on Facebook, strictly for active Distributors in our company, regardless of “downline affiliation.” I posted a photo from the just-concluded convention and announced the group’s intention in the company’s private Facebook group.

Each Friday I post a photo in that “Convention Savers” group and include a “Friendly Weekly Reminder” for people to contribute money to their individual savings methods.

Each Friday I also post that same photo with its story in our company’s private Facebook group, where our distributors can go to ask advice and celebrate successes. The photos are from my personal archive of all 10 of our past conventions, and I tell the story of what’s happening and my reactions (sometimes embarrassing!) to that situation. I conclude that post with an invitation to join us in the “Savers” group and its link.

I encourage the Savers group members to have a separate place dedicated to keeping the convention money. Some people use an envelope or jar. Others opened a separate savings account.

We have more than 140 members in the Savers group, and those distributors come from many groups in the company. I’m looking forward to talking with group members at the convention later this year, to see how the group helped them attend the event & how I can post more effectively.

If you hear the “maybe next year” comments in your meetings and conversations, consider launching your own “Savers” group!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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It’s your turn

It’s been intense. I’m watching the recording of the last day of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals convention. This is the final session, wrapping up a platform of 60 speakers in four days.  #ANMP2016

Each presenter had a different message. Many of them shared their hard-won knowledge from multiple decades in the profession, revealing their secrets to success.

Imagine yourself on that stage, addressing several hundred professionals. The top income earners of many companies are sitting in the audience taking notes; they believe in being students of their profession and that they can learn from EVERYONE. Now it’s your turn at the microphone, and their faces turn upward toward you, friendly and expectant smiles on their faces.

The next 20 minutes are all yours.

What will you talk about?

What is your unique gift or viewpoint you learned through your network marketing or party plan efforts? It might be a clever way to teach a common topic. (For example, I now have an easy-to-remember method to classify people’s personality types because of Amy Polk Sever’s presentation.) Your topic could be something so obvious that most networkers have lost sight of it.

This idea is worth some contemplation.

And be ready, because your first “celebrity moment” might come earlier than you predict.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Are you de-motivating your team?

Bonus cars, top-performer cruises, black-tie dinners with the CEO.

At our company convention, speakers frequently tell stories of earning and receiving those rewards.

Sometimes I am outright happy for the winner, silently cheering for their success.

At other times I smile through gritted teeth.

What’s the difference?

Here’s some perspective from a respected trainer in our profession.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The 6 Dollar Solution

I had been talking about doing it for years.

The day after our company convention, I began that special project:

Setting aside funds ahead of time to pay for Convention week costs.

$6 US per day.

(I book a private comfortable hotel room for my husband and me. So my costs are higher than many of my colleagues.)

Are you setting aside money for your annual convention?

And have you calculated how much you need?

If this will be your first time, talk to your leadership line regarding expected costs.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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“Relax, you’re normal.”

Imagine standing in a crowd of people where everyone thinks network marketing is the normal and sane thing to do.

It’s one of the most powerful messages, delivered through comments from other people in the crowd: “OF COURSE you own a network marketing business! That’s what intelligent and wise people do. Welcome to the club!”

Those messages (and more) are what you will receive when you attend your company’s annual convention.

I urge you to find a way to attend.

If affording the trip is an issue, here are a few ideas.

Trade in your credit card’s frequent flyer “miles” for a reduced-fee or free flight. Board an overnight “red-eye” flight the night before the first session. Choose the cheapest aircraft route, which might take off and land 3 times before reaching your destination. Take the long-haul bus or the train. Drive there and camp out. Share a hotel room with 3 other people. (You’ll only be in the room to sleep and shower, so don’t worry about the cramped quarters.) Book your timeshare week at a facility near the convention.

I will be attending my company’s 10th convention– and my 10th with them– later this year. Give yourself the gift of “being normal” by attending yours.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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