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Do you hate “competition”?

“Race to the top.”

“What rank are you?”

“How big is your team?”

These common phrases have an unspoken ending:  “… compared to me.” Or, “..compared to XYZ.”

The business world is full of comparisons– who’s bigger, stronger, or faster.

Network marketing, direct sales, and party plan companies are no exception. Leaderboards, progress-report announcements on social media, and awards ceremonies are tools of the trade.

Being in a competition is invigorating for some people. The thrill of the chase or claiming a limited set of prizes spurs them to action: getting to the finish line first, reaching a higher rank, expanding the distributor team.

Others, though, dislike competition, while at the same time they want and celebrate their successes. They want to “win,” but not take away from someone else in the process.

What’s the solution for those who dislike competition…even when there is a limited amount of “prizes”?

Take a look at this video by Eric Worre. I like his philosophy.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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