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Amount or Type?

His attitude started out skeptical.

Recently I attended a regional training seminar for our company, and the man to my left (I’ll call him John) was a guest of the man sitting farther down the row.

John had seen our business presentation, but hearing the top field leaders speaking from stage somehow created doubt in his mind.

When his host slipped out to use the restroom on a break, he motioned toward the stage and asked, “Can a regular person really make good money–build that size of team– with this type of business?”

In response I told him about the background of the most recent speaker– he was not born into wealth, for example there were metal detectors in his high school. And he had focused on building solid relationships since his late teenage years, so his success is built on much more than the work he did since joining the company.

John found that enlightening, and as we chatted he eventually began asking about the size of my team and customer base.

I thought, ‘He’s missing the point of what we’re offering.’

“The TYPE of money is more important than the amount. John,” I asked, “do you know about Robert Kiyosaki and the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books?”

He did.

“In that first book,” I continued, “He talks about how you can make a lot of money with one-time payments– for example, most jobs and most small businesses, but the money STOPS if you stop working.”

John nodded in agreement.

“On the other hand, there is residual income or automatic money- which is money that comes in month after month, whether you are working, playing, or sleeping. Of course, you have to do work up-front to get it started, but it keeps paying you, month after month, year after year.”

I looked straight into his eyes and declared, “And if you truly understood the power of residual income, you would walk through brick walls to get it!”

“So, John, it’s not the AMOUNT of money that is most important, it is the TYPE.”

I could tell my last two statements startled him a little– and made him think.

“You are receiving great training here. If you would like to listen in during our weekly training call– taught by the guy who was on stage a minute ago– I can give you that number.”

He enthusiastically indicated yes, so I brought up that entry in my smartphone contact list and held it where he could easily read it.

As he copied the phone number and passcode, I learned he already owns a business– but obviously does not receive residual income from his efforts!

I sure hope John came on board with his host and is enjoying the benefits of being a member of our company’s team.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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