Privacy Policy

(and now, I get to sound like a lawyer…I’ll word this in everyday language if possible)


This website privacy notice describes how this blog (“” , hereafter known as “Blogsite”) protects and makes use of information you give to the Blogsite.

This Blogsite strives to be compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) that came into force on May 25, 2018.

This Blogsite is hosted by Data critical to the operation of the Blogsite are gathered and maintained by Automattic, which runs and other features commonly found on blogging sites. Such data includes but is not limited to: subscribing or unsubscribing, managing notifications of new blog entries or actions on the blog, publishing comments or reactions to blog posts, analytic analysis of the Blogsite’s performance, and using cookies for these purposes. Please review the Privacy Policy of Automattic, their cookie policy.   The Privacy Policy also includes how to manage ads for USA and for the European Union.

Additionally, Lynn Selwa (Blogsite Author) is a USA citizen living in Germany. The Blogsite Author does not make records outside of of activity that individually identify users of the Blogsite, other than what is directly submitted to the Blogsite author in the Contact Me form (which uses a password-protected email system to deliver such information to the Blogsite author). If the Blogsite Author chooses to respond, the Blogsite Author will use a password-protected email system to respond to such messages. Storing this individually-identifying information in any additional way will only happen if the person initiating the contact expressly gives the Blogsite Author such permission in advance. Within these guidelines, the Blogsite Author keeps any individually-identifying information password-protected and will not sell, rent, or trade this information.

Twice per year, the Blogsite Author stores the aggregate (non-individually-identifying) numbers of subscribers and country-aggregate-level performance analytics generated by the Blogsite’s built-in features (for example, the number of visits from a country but not individually identifying which visitors or subscribers). This information will be password-protected and is gathered in order to measure the annual growth and activity levels of the Blogsite.

This notice may be updated without warning. Using the Blogsite after an update indicates your agreement with the new terms.

If you disagree with the policy posted here including the linked notices, please unsubscribe.

(Updated 14 June 2018)