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“Can’t afford convention. Maybe next year.”

“Can’t afford convention. Maybe I’ll attend next year.”

Have you heard your team members say that? Or perhaps another distributor at your weekly meeting?

It’s important to respect one’s budget. However, the benefits of attending your company convention are worth the investment in money and time. As one field leader in my company said this week, “Leaders are made at convention.”

So how do we help the people who say, “I’ll attend convention when my business is making enough money to send me”?

Here’s what I did last September.

I woke up in my hotel room the morning after the convention, wondering how to bridge people across that “affordability” gap. I began asking myself a few questions. #talkingtomyself #powerfulproblemsolvingmethod

“What’s a reasonable way to save money for convention?” I asked myself.

My answer: Save money every week or month, from whatever income source(s) you have.

“What’s the biggest stumbling block to doing that?”

My answer: Keeping the idea & excitement of attending fresh in mind, to bolster the long-term commitment.

“How do we make that easier?”

My answer: weekly or monthly reminders.

Later that morning I launched a “Convention Savers” group on Facebook, strictly for active Distributors in our company, regardless of “downline affiliation.” I posted a photo from the just-concluded convention and announced the group’s intention in the company’s private Facebook group.

Each Friday I post a photo in that “Convention Savers” group and include a “Friendly Weekly Reminder” for people to contribute money to their individual savings methods.

Each Friday I also post that same photo with its story in our company’s private Facebook group, where our distributors can go to ask advice and celebrate successes. The photos are from my personal archive of all 10 of our past conventions, and I tell the story of what’s happening and my reactions (sometimes embarrassing!) to that situation. I conclude that post with an invitation to join us in the “Savers” group and its link.

I encourage the Savers group members to have a separate place dedicated to keeping the convention money. Some people use an envelope or jar. Others opened a separate savings account.

We have more than 140 members in the Savers group, and those distributors come from many groups in the company. I’m looking forward to talking with group members at the convention later this year, to see how the group helped them attend the event & how I can post more effectively.

If you hear the “maybe next year” comments in your meetings and conversations, consider launching your own “Savers” group!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Practical Magic

We had been shopping in earnest for our first house for two months.

Each morning I scanned the real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) results from our Realtor, looking for a home for sale in the areas of town we liked.

If I spotted one that had our required features, I drove to it in the early afternoon and looked at the exterior. If I also liked the condition of the houses on the block and across the street, I dialed our Realtor from my mobile phone and booked our walkthrough for that evening.

If my husband and I liked the interior, we drove to our realtor’s office directly afterward to submit an offer.

During that summer the overall economic situation in southeast Michigan created a large demand for properties, and frequently a property would sell for higher than the asking price. That’s what Realtors call a “bidding war.”

It was a string of long days, and we were feeling frustrated.

By mid-August I had exhausted all my ideas… except one.

I called our Realtor and declared, “I’m going to do what ALWAYS works.”

He queried, “What is that?”

“I’m going to order one thousand business cards with our current address.”

The Realtor laughed and said, “Do it!”

I approved the business card design via email and paid for the $67 order on August 21st.

On August 24, the MLS displayed several new entries… one of which had all the features we wanted, was in the right section of town, and was in our price range. We completed the purchase on November 4.

Now I’m not saying the Arizona-based printer had some sort of inside influence with the Michigan real estate market. However, I felt more hopeful and relaxed when I purchased those business cards.

Here’s the question:

What small and fun action can you take in your business right now?

It’s not necessarily a magical charm, but it can do something more important: shift your mindset to a more relaxed and joyfully-anticipating one.

Sometimes that is all you need to get a freshened restart on your project.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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All Glory, No Grunt.

Shows up late, if at all, to set up the tables and chairs for a training session not held at their house.
Disappears when it’s time to clean up.

Falsely insinuates or outright fakes receiving an award, higher rank, or close friendship with a company icon.

Charming, overly confident, and sucks up all the oxygen in the room.

As leaders of our teams, we should be ever-watchful for these behaviors.

Is anyone coming to mind?

Touts for a large expenditure of money or time, claims “I’m a big supporter,” but never contributes the funds nor more-than-minimal effort.

Dominates the speaking time when teamed with another person or during panel discussions. Other speakers have to interject, “Can I add something here?” just to get their own opinion briefly heard.

Only praises the people who are quickly rank-advancing.

These are warning signs.

Is your organization being hijacked by someone like this?

Not a respectful listener.

Somehow, in every conversation or presentation, they and their situation become the center of attention.

Only willing to learn from people of higher rank. Not open to wisdom nor insights from people holding lower ranks, even when they are instructors at a company event… instead, you will see this person chatting in the back of the room or their face is bathed in the bright bluish light of their smartphone’s social media apps.

These behaviors diminish morale.

Do you see these destructive so-called “leaders” in your organization?

Makes an “appearance” at events when the top field leaders or corporate officers come to town, but can’t be bothered to attend the local ongoing presentations and trainings.

Rarely verbally supports another person’s idea with “Great idea, Kerry!”

Takes an idea overheard in a conversation and presents it to the group as their own.

Makes comparisons of speed or rank to their guests in ways that are meant to be slyly insulting… typically right in front of your face, so you look unprofessional if you lose your composure or contradict them.

I have seen each of these behaviors throughout my nearly 20 years in the network marketing profession. All of those observations have fostered a sharpened “jerk radar” in my brain.

I can name a specific person for each example, but I will hold my silence. Through their actions they taught me “how not to be a leader.” And nowadays it’s easy for me to spot the “bad apples”… and quickly identify the leaders worth following.

Please know the distributors who act in the described fashion may have good intentions, but their actions are poisonous to creating a supportive and encouraging environment.

Be willing to peel past the shiny skin-deep facade of even the highest-advanced distributors in your company. A few human-nature blemishes are fine, but a rotten core will chase people out of your team.

In the end, don’t be “That Guy” or “That Woman.”

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Don’t Throw Up.

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to an article regarding people who have large wealth and issues they face, with a comment of “Try not to throw up when you read this.”

I chose to respond in public, from my experiences & research, on his Timeline.

Here is my point of view, with a few corrections of grammar:

(It’s long and worth the read.)
(Pay attention to your emotions as you read… you’ll see why at the end.)

The issues raised in this article are relevant. I have been friends with several wealthy families over my lifetime. Two families in particular made it clear to their children they would be severely punished if said children taunted less fortunate ones or bragged about their wealth. (Those children attended my grade schools and were some of the kindest people I have ever known.)

Being judged for one uncontrollable aspect of their lives (being born to wealthy parents) is as damaging as being judged for other uncontrollable things: height, eye color, skin color, genealogy.

Some who have inherited large sums struggle with the ethics of how that money was created, and how one might invest or donate it to create the best improvement in the world. Some are wondering who likes them for themselves… or who simply likes them for their money.

Some struggle with addiction to alcohol, other drugs, gambling, or purchased intercourse because of huge pressure to behave a certain way combined with the easy access to the funds to buy the stuff in the first place. (Drug abuse happens more often with people who can easily afford to purchase it!)

Some struggle with a life purpose because they don’t have a built-in financial incentive to work for a living. Or they are stressed because of an abundance of choices of what field or work they want to pursue.

Some struggle with guilt because they know money can solve many problems and they know they cannot singlehandedly solve a large-scale problem. Some know they can easily afford to replace a “lemon” car, and they don’t want to insult others at work or in social gatherings by saying, “That’s easy.”

Some struggle with guilt or debilitating anger because the trust fund’s existence was not discussed and so the recipient feels overwhelmed and paralyzed when said moneys are revealed or received. In the case of inheritances, the money itself can trigger guilt, depression, or anger because it came in exchange for the life of a loved one.

Some are working to change the economic laws so inheritances are taxed more heavily and/or more economic opportunities are provided to the ordinary citizen.

A day after posting those comments on Facebook, I add these topics that popped into my head early this morning: the challenges regarding picking a spouse and hurt feelings that might arise over the signing of a prenuptial agreement. If one inherits a business, making financial decisions for that entity affects not only one’s immediate family but also hundreds if not thousands of employees and THEIR families.

And now…

A founder of a INC 500 company taught me an important lesson about money:

“If you judge other people negatively about the way they use their money, you chase away your own prosperity.”

So reflect on what you felt (emotions, any judgments) as you were reading my comments.

What can you learn from your own reactions?

I encourage you … don’t throw up.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

P.S. Silent & calm discernment such as “I would have used the money for _____________” is constructive because it helps you refine your personal money goals. It is a world apart in intention and mindset from a harsh judgment such as “You shouldn’t have bought that!”

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The 6 Dollar Solution

I had been talking about doing it for years.

The day after our company convention, I began that special project:

Setting aside funds ahead of time to pay for Convention week costs.

$6 US per day.

(I book a private comfortable hotel room for my husband and me. So my costs are higher than many of my colleagues.)

Are you setting aside money for your annual convention?

And have you calculated how much you need?

If this will be your first time, talk to your leadership line regarding expected costs.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Do you take time to celebrate?

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). Here in the USA, we say, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.”

By 5pm I had many unfinished items on my business “To-Do” list . So it was decision-time.

Should I stay and complete the tasks?

I chose to go to the party.

Does that make me quote “uncommitted” to my business?


Choosing to have fun is important. I learned many years ago that there is ALWAYS something more to do in a direct sales or network marketing business.

Had I completed all the scheduled or promised business calls or meetings? Yes.

I learned from personal experience if I follow through with a promised reward or a scheduled fun outing, I will be more willing to work during work hours. And procrastinating the reward leads to procrastinating in business. These insights are similar to findings in research by Dr. Carol McCall and Dr. Kelly McGonigal, experts in effective listening and willpower, respectively.

One of the multimillondollar MLM earners who coaches me once said, “You will be more motivated when you SCHEDULE your fun. You always need to have something to look forward to.”

I had been looking forward to this get-together for weeks. So I went.

(and residual income continued to flow into my bank account during the event.)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Thank You! (Gracias)

A person’s most precious asset is time…and I appreciate yours.

Thank you for reading and giving feedback about the posts I created in 2015.

Brazilian entrepreneurs: thank you for your many visits this year. After visits from USA citizens, your country’s citizens visited this USA-based blog the most.

Many thanks to this year’s visitors, who accessed this blog from a wide variety of countries (in alphabetical order):

Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland,  Italy, Pakistan, The Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and USA.

Sending your warmest wishes for vibrant health and huge residual income in 2016,

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The untested laughter

A few months ago  my husband and I attended a stock-trading seminar.

We sat in the front row. (I’m a “front row” type of person. Good thing, because the scheduler squeezed us into that session, and those were the only empty chairs.)

Along with the technical knowledge our instructor was explaining, he touched on something most of my classmates found amusing.

In fact, nearly everyone in the room started laughing with disbelief, jeering the instructor’s startling comments. Meanwhile my husband and I sat silently, nodding our heads in agreement with the instructor.

What did he say?

He looked at the classroom with a grave expression on his face. “When the market conditions line up with your trading plan, many of you won’t place the trade. Why? Because people let their fear get in the way. For this reason we have a psychologist on staff, to help people through that hesitancy.”

I was impressed with the instructor, who stayed calm while most of his students were obviously of a differing opinion. He did gently insist that scenario happens, and it can be a huge block to their success.

Also, I was intrigued. That hesitation sounds similar to what many potential distributors experience.

I leaned over to whisper in my husband’s right ear: “The strongest mind wins.”

He agreed.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Remember to excel

Yesterday a colleague in my network marketing company posted a meme she found.

I was reading the list of statements in the meme, and my eyes slammed to a halt when I saw this:

“I choose … to excel, not compete.”

How often do we compare our imperfect progress to others’ polished results?

For me, this is an ongoing challenge. I have been highly competitive all my life. Perhaps that is a natural outgrowth of having two brothers, no sisters, and being the middle child.

In any case, the phrase was a timely reminder to gauge my own progress against my past, not against a projected future laced with milestones of what others have accomplished.

And I’m passing the suggestion to you.

Take pride in what you have accomplished. Skip the shame about what you “should” or “could.” And keep becoming the best you can be.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Stop the “Rank-Shaming”

As I made my way through primary and high school here in the United States, I was grouped with people of the same age. In other words, people who had spent the same amount of time on this planet.

Many of us were told in Kindergarten, “you are a member of the Class of (    )”, which was simply 13 years into the future. Of course the well-meaning parents were talking about the year we would graduate from high school, which seemed impossibly far away to me as a young child.

Academic success was based on a steady yearly progression to meet that long-term calendar goal. In school, we were expected to master certain amounts of material each year– some more completely than others– which would allow our group to progress to the next level.

If any of us fell behind an “average” expectation of mastery, we were  “held back a year” to repeat those lessons. Occasionally a student was allowed to “skip forward” a grade, but that student was typically pitied and ostracized by the new classmates as well as friends from the former group.

Staying with one’s same-age classmates is seen as the best choice by nearly all parents and students alike. Any deviation is seen as suspect.

Our “rank” or authority in the school was based on how many grade levels we finished. In high school, first year students were known as “freshmen,” and everyone wanted to be a powerful last-year student, a “senior.” Even in college, it was assumed the student will graduate in 4 years with a bachelor’s degree. Taking longer would evoke amused glances and comments of, “You have been partying too hard, you need to buckle down and get to work.”

Again, slipping behind the expected pace of your peers is seen as suspect. It didn’t matter what type of degree you were earning… you were expected to keep up. And success was assumed to happen in a certain amount of TIME… for the average student.

When we enter the Network Marketing profession, suddenly time is not the grouping factor. We launch our businesses on the same day as many other distributors. Some create a thriving team within months, and others take years or more… or give up after years of frustration.

In our profession, SKILLS are the “grouping factor.” People with the leadership, sponsoring, and coaching skills needed in Network Marketing will grow teams more quickly. The amount of TIME spent as a Distributor is almost irrelevant.

So when people who have a “School” mindset pass harsh judgment on you, remember they are programmed to expect certain results simply from the amount of TIME you have owned your business. And realize some distributors who build teams quickly may have that same time-based attitude.

Don’t subject your team or colleagues to a similar unfair standard. Instead, build their confidence by speaking words of encouragement and praise, regardless of what rank or promotion level they hold in your company.

Rank indicates one’s completed accomplishments, not the level of commitment. Think about this: how many highly-ranked people in your company have left and joined a different company?

If you’re looking for advice about building a team quickly, or how to create a massive residual income stream, talk to those who have done so. But don’t judge the slower-builders harshly. They may be handling more situations in their personal lives than you can imagine. This proverb comes to mind: “Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.”

One colleague in this profession told me, “Distributors who take quote ‘a long time’ to reach their rank promotions tend to stay with that company for the long-term. They learn to discipline their disappointments.” (Thank you, Susan Bristol, for your words of wisdom!)

Stop judging people by what rank they have. Start building their confidence with praise and encouragement.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™ #networkmarketing #LynnSelwa #LynnSelwaTRSC #TheRocketScienceCoach #judgment #residualincome #MLM #DisciplineTheirDisappointments #SusanBristol #StopTheRankShaming #Confidence #Commitment