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What language are you speaking?



Coding bonus overrides.

That’s English, right?

But for most English-speaking people outside our profession, you may as well be speaking a foriegn language.

A person looking at the professon might think:

That’s the leftover junk at the bottom of the tank, or the grit that didn’t get removed when I did the dishes. I don’t want that.

You must not like them very much.

Someone took your bonus away? How awful!

Much like technical topics, our profession is detailed and has its own vernacular. Certain words have legal definitions, too.

Jargon is a shorthand that’s great for discussions within our profession.

But it can be intimidating to someone who’s not.

What if we spoke two languages: short and clear descriptions for those who are looking to join us, and the fine-tuned special vocabulary for those of us immersed in it?

After all, simple is appealing. Simple is attractive. People are looking for simple solutions.

How would our profession’s reputation change if we described things like this:

Money that comes in month after month.

Your sales team.

Bonuses you receive when your team sells products.

Watch the language in your videos, literature, and individual conversations. Jargon doesn’t impress people; it makes them feel uncomfortable and excluded.

Keep it simple and accurate. They’re more likely to join your team if they feel comfortable with the words you use.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Are you above average?

“How much money does the average distributor make?”

One of the trainers in my previous company (in the late 1990’s) had a forceful response to that prying question. (By the way, she had a background in engineering!)

“The average distributor makes nothing. Tell me, are you average?”

So, readers of this blog… if you have received ANY money from your company, let me congratulate you for being “above average.”

If you are building toward your first check, let me congratulate you on your persistence. Your efforts are worthy of praise as well.

In any case, keep going and focus on the long-term outlook.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Can I touch it?

An exasperated sigh. The dull thunk of a pen tossed onto a thick stack of paper.

My head snapped up as I watched fingers dart through the meticulously combed rills of Mikey’s dark brown hair, then his head leaned backward and out of sight.

His office chair creaked as I stood up to see better.

“What’s happening?” I quizzed my engineering mentor across the orange cubicle wall.

“Lynn, these numbers are swimming in front of my eyes. I can’t make sense of why this trajectory keeps crashing. I think I need a break.”

I nodded in agreement.

It felt good to stand and stretch. We were putting in long hours preparing a proposal for a new satellite launch, so Mikey was under some pressure to make the mission succeed. As an engineering intern, I was assigned to prepare some of the graphs that would be included in the overhead projector slides.

“With these stacks of papers and the sea of numbers, I’ve lost all perspective of exactly what the vehicle looks like. Let’s go to the high bay assembly building and take a look at the so-called “point mass” we are flying.”

I grinned at the engineering joke. The flight-path-planning computer program pretends the 156 foot (47 m) tall vehicle is a VERY heavy ball that is smaller than your clenched fist. It makes the flight-planning equations easier to calculate, and another department analyzes the flexibility of the true-sized vehicle.

Mikey got a gleam in his eye. “Do you have some close-toed shoes?”

I pointed toward the floor. “Under the desk, just like Tish suggested.”

Mikey smiled and replied, “OK, co-op, put on your tennis shoes and let’s go make an official visit to see the real thing.”

We were chatting animatedly as Mikey swung the heavy doors open and the warm dry slap of air announced yet another perfect sunny day in San Diego.


Working with an intangible concept can be hard on the primal human brain.

Brains are more comfortable with something to touch than with numbers written on a computer screen. If I can pinch it, sniff it, and see it, I can understand what it is. I can assign a monetary value. It becomes “real” to me. And I feel a lot more relaxed.

Does your network marketing, party plan, or direct sales company have products that your clients don’t physically touch? Financial services and computer-generated physical greeting cards are two examples.

Or does the client who purchases it rarely sees the final product, because it is shipped to a third party?

If your situation fits either general case, I strongly recommend you send or give a tangible item directly to the person who’s buying your product. A product sample, a physical card of thanks, or treating them to coffee are some ideas.

You’ll be the refreshing break in the midst of an increasingly-intangible world.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Don’t bark up the wrong tree!

Are you tired of applying so-called “common sense business advice” and falling far short of your goals?

Maybe it’s time for a scientific (and amusing) approach.

I am devouring a wonderful book named “Barking up the wrong tree: The surprising science behind why everything you know about success is mostly wrong” by Eric Barker.

He writes in a plain-English style, lacing plenty of humorous observations and connections between the results of the research. (and the research references fill nearly 40 pages in the back of the book!)

Many of the book’s insights are startling and counter to the common advice… but the research shows they work.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy. The book was launched this week.

(Please note, I receive no compensation for marketing nor sales of the book.)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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When the party’s over…

Veteran network marketers, you know what I’m talking about.

The Post-Convention Dip.

No inspiring speaker to listen to, surrounded by thousands of like-minded people.

No one making my bed. Suitcases to unpack. Forget about room service meals.

It’s the week after feeling “Bullet-Proof.”

Our Rookie of the Year said it best. “This week you’re bullet-proof. You can approach anyone about your business with complete confidence. But what about next week?”

Even we “engineering types” experience an uplift of emotions during convention… and so we are not immune to the swing of emotions either.

Here are my two tips for handling the post-convention deflation in emotions:

First, know that it’s coming. Tell your team about it, so they know what to expect.

Second, get an accountability partner.

Both tips will help you permanently apply your renewed commitment to business growth learned during that trip.

I have an accountability partner in my company… that’s not her formal role, but it’s the truth. Every time this lady calls me to discuss her business progress, we concentrate on her goals for the coming weeks, on her strategies and her questions. I welcome those calls and we schedule time for those discussions.

And each time I talk to her, I mention one of my outreach goals for the coming week.

Just knowing that I told her a snippet of what I planned is enough to internally urge me to complete that goal. I’m seeing progress in my business, and I have her friendship to thank.

(plus she’s a subscriber to this blog, so I know she’ll read this message)

Being accountable can be fun. And you can reinforce that behavior on your own by “celebrating everything”: every focused business-building action, every text or phone call that went positively, every time you gathered your courage and reached out to an influential person.

Keep doing celebration dances in your office and throwing your arms upward in a V of victory especially after the more challenging actions… and your next convention will be here before you know it!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Professional Jealousy

The kind female voice prompted me from her California mobile phone this morning. I heard traffic driving by and knew she was sitting in her convertible sports car. “So you experienced jealousy during your convention last week. What is your plan to handle that?”

I lowered my forehead to rest on my left hand. “I don’t have one,” I replied, sitting at my kitchen table in southeast Michigan.

After our conversation ended, I let that thought simmer.

What is my plan to handle flares of jealousy?

I kept asking myself the question, and an hour later I remembered another teacher … named Teresa Romain of “Access Abundance! ™”   who is based in Wisconsin.

In 2008 Teresa taught me jealousy isn’t real.

That’s the most concise way I can describe her lesson. Bear with me for a moment as I explain.

In one sense of the word, jealousy is commonly described as an overwhelming feeling of “I want what she has!” The trophy. The designer jeans. The newest model mobile phone.

But in our coaching session, Teresa required me stop and think. Do I really want HER trophy, with her name written on it? Go even further and imagine that the winner called me to stage in front of several thousand audience members and announced, “I am giving this trophy to Lynn. In fact, I want the nameplate changed to read as her name.” Would that make me the winner of the award?

I answered in all truthfulness: no. Her name would still be recorded in the company history as the award winner, and mine would simply be inscribed on a good looking sculpture of glass and metal.

Teresa prodded further. Did that lady do the work necessary to earn the award? I freely acknowledged she had.

And further, Did I NOT want that lady to win the award?

No, that wasn’t my intention either. A worthy winner should be given the fruits of her accomplishment. For me to argue otherwise means I give permission for people to deny my accomplishments and honors and strip them from me.

Teresa pressed the question: So what does jealousy mean in such a moment?

My best answer is, “I want MY VERSION of that.”

In the intervening years since Teresa’s coaching session, I have learned jealousy is one of the strongest ways the Universe can grab my attention. If I had daydreamed, yearned, even deliberately visioned receiving that honor but had not done the commensurate work, then jealousy can be the proverbial screaming-in-one’s-ear to grab my attention and get me to focus on working toward that goal.

Because truly I wouldn’t want another lady’s designer jeans. (I have long legs and would want to start with a brand-new long-rise pair that would mold themselves to my unique shape.) And I wouldn’t want her to give me her smart phone, because it wouldn’t have the apps and setup I would want.

But I surely want my version. And that’s OK. There’s plenty of room in the Universe for two pairs of jeans and two smart phones.

Their having does not equal forever forbidding mine.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Did a jerk slip in?

One of my college friends interviewed for an upper-management job in “corporate America” three years ago. She is a Materials Science Engineer and is a person of high integrity.

She described the rigorous interview process for the position. Resume. Phone screening. More than one trip for in-person interviews. And a battery of psychological testing, whose descriptions I was intrigued to hear.

I joked, “It sounds like they want to make sure you’re not Dr. Evil.”

(I know she’s not… I roomed with her at Purdue!  By the way, “Dr. Evil” is a fictional character bent on taking over the world in one of the “Austin Powers” movies.)

It turns out my humorous description had a basis in reality…

Corporate analysts have learned the hard way the damage a single narcissist or psychopathic person can cause. Only one bad apple, especially in upper management, can poison a working environment, causing people to quit and profits to plummet as morale takes a dive and productivity declines.

Hence the rigorous screening for upper-level managers.

My friend passed the screening with flying colors and is happily doing an excellent job for that corporation.

In Network Marketing, MLM, Party Plan, and Direct Sales companies, we don’t have that type of shield against destructive personalities. As you likely know, any adult citizen in a country open for business can lay down the startup costs and launch their distributorship. And the people who build the biggest teams & sales automatically receive the ranks and privileges thereof, including a powerful microphone and leadership aura. Yes, a distributor can be terminated from a company for violation of the policies and procedures, but they have to be caught… and the higher-level management must be willing to boot out a distributor whose team likely creates a significant income stream to the corporate office.

(Can you tell I’ve seen a few of these destructive personalities in the industry? Thank goodness our company seems to attract positive minded people and repel the bad apples. I’m pretty sure that is due to the product itself, which focuses on appreciation.)

So it pays to be aware of the signals of those types of destructive folks. Thought Leader Seth Godin calls them “jerks”… take a look at his list of leadership jerk qualities. In our MLM profession I can add “seems to jump from company to company quite often… as soon as their ugly side becomes obvious and the distributors wise up.”  (Please note, people who leave a company and join a new one do not necessarily have destructive personalities!)

Let the knowledge be your guide about whose advice you follow… and whom you recommend your team listens to.

Your long-term financial future depends on it.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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