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How a bird with laryngitis still sings

In the last few weeks the pop singer Adele posted a tearful cancellation of her two most recent Wembly Stadium concerts.

She has struggled with vocal health issues for many years. At the end of this world tour, her doctors advised her to not sing the final two performances. And it was heartbreaking for her to let her fans down.

What would happen to you, if suddenly you could not perform in your job?

For most people in the 9-to-5 working world, that situation would end a career. The money would stop coming in.

However, Adele is a lot like you and me.

Our compensation has a passive income stream.

Singers call it royalties.

Actors call it “back end” percentages.

Network Marketers call it residuals.

Even though Adele’s gorgeous voice is silenced, perhaps for many years, she still gets paid every time her songs play on the radio. She had to practice and sing many many times before she recorded and released the first crucial recording of her popular-play song. That action opened the passive income stream.

Do your critical step task, and the passive income is yours.

So when the recording session ends, the director of the blockbuster movie yells “cut and print”, or you and I enroll a subscription client… we join that club of people who get paid while we sleep.

Welcome to The Club. Even when you have no voice left to shout the good news to the world.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Build the friendship

Yesterday I was driving and wondering whom I should call, just to say hi.

“Joy K.” was my brain’s answer. She is a distributor in my company, but not in my organization.

I pushed the earbud into my right ear and voice-dialed the call.

She was in the grocery store when I reached her. And she was pleasantly startled to hear from me.

“You made my day!” was one of her comments.

Readers, remember that the people IN your company are part of your network. What are you doing to create friendships and trust within your company? Even though you are “competitors,” you also have a common cause to spread the word about your company.

If your company policies allow it, I challenge you to reach out just to say hi and build a friendship with a distributor who is NOT in your organization… some one from whom you receive no income from their activities.

If you are not allowed to do that. then reach out in friendship to a distributor in your organization whom you rarely talk with… perhaps someone 2 or 3 layers deep in your team. You might not seem like a big deal to yourself, but to them you are likely That Famous Person They Only See In Their Genealogy Or Hear On A Conference Call.

And whomever you talk to, avoid talking about business. Ask them what event they are looking forward to this summer, their favorite summer food, what movie they’ve seen lately. See if you can find some social-life common ground.

Build the friendship. It just might make their day.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Safe spaces and “Beginner’s Mind”

For many distributors this is their first experience with network marketing. For some, it is their first experience with being an entrepreneur.

When they don’t know what to do, they look to their sponsor or trainer… otherwise known as “the voice of experience.”

(Of course you’re more experienced than them… even by mere minutes… with your company.)

To get confident and competent with your company’s product and compensation plan presentation, your new distributor will need practice.

Here’s my question.

Are you allowing an encouraging environment for your new people to try, try again, and try yet again until they master the process?

It might be best for the early attempts to be made in private, such as in a separate distributors-only training session, instead of during your weekly business presentation.

It might seem easy to you. But an effective trainer will see the process through the eyes of a beginner. This is known as “Beginner’s Mind.”

If you are losing patience with your newbie, think hard about when you were learning the same thing, or when another distributor was struggling with the same concept. What was the “key” to mastery that you can pass along? Can you kindly model the effective behavior, then have them mimic it?

If you act impatient and harshly judgmental about the learning curve or post-speech evaluation, your new distributor will judge their own performance in that manner… and will pass that attitude to their new people. Eventually you will end up doing most of the group’s presentations because only a few people will pass your “high” standards.

Remember, the audience doesn’t care about perfection.

Instead the audience members are asking themselves, “Can I do what the person at the front of the room is doing? Would I feel comfortable doing it? Do I have to become an expert, a slick presenter, or a flawless robot to be successful in this company?” When the presenter makes some minor flubs, the business seems much more doable by the ordinary person.

If you act patient and confident that your newbie will learn this, then they will.

As the saying goes, “Every winner was once a beginner.”

Help bring their inner winner to the surface through patient coaching.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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What do you celebrate?

This weekend will mark my eleventh anniversary with my current network marketing company.

This is my longest work project, thus far. I compare it to the lengths of my engineering career, working as a mortgage loan officer, and my previous network marketing company.

How do you view your business anniversary? Is it a time of joy, or is it a reminder of “everything I haven’t accomplished”? Do you hold a celebration, or is it simply another day?

Whatever your accomplishments are, know that you can celebrate your longevity in the profession. And that is important.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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4 lessons and a 9-word question

Learning about financial concepts is crucial for building wealth and staying wealthy. Here’s what I posted on social media earlier this week:

4 Lessons Wealthy People Taught Me

1. An asset pays for itself and creates a monthly net profit.
2. When bankers say, “It’s an asset,” they mean it creates a profit for THEM.
3. Build Automatic Money Generators that don’t require your presence. (a special class of assets)
4. You are financially free when your Automatic Money Generators pay you more than you are spending.

One of my social media friends replied, “How does one create Automatic Money Generators?”

Here’s a little background. We have known each other In Real Life for nearly 10 years. She’s attended parties at our home, we attended her wedding, and we have talked numerous times in person. She’s not simply someone I met online. In the past few weeks she posted a question on social media, and when I responded mentioning a $5 solution, I received some version of “I can’t afford that.”

So I considered her situation and past reactions into my response. I wasn’t going to jump into booking a business presentation with someone who thinks $5 is too much to spend. I decided to start with some basic information and a question to gauge her level of interest.

I sent a private message: “I have just a few minutes to type right now, so this might be an incomplete answer. “Automatic Money Generators” are businesses, real estate, or other investments that generate profits for the owner every month, whether or not the owner shows up for work. The situation is otherwise known as “passive income” and always requires up-front money, energy, education (books or seminars), and time to create. (Like planting an apple tree, nurturing it until it bears fruit, and making sure someone is trimming and fertilizing the tree on an ongoing basis). Net-income producing real estate rentals, real estate tax liens, musicians who have songs on iTunes, and businesses like mine all qualify. Which one of those sounds most interesting to you?”

This launched a back-and-forth via texting, which included my recommendation of a library book to read. She loves to read, so reading a book is not stressful. Also, libraries loan books for free, so the money question is eliminated for this step.

We ended with her promise to look for that book during the library trip next week… and to let me know her opinion of it after she’s finished reading.

So now it’s in her hands.

In some ways she reminds me of a younger me.

One of my husband’s co-workers made an offhand remark about 20 years ago. She mentioned a book about finance that she liked. My husband and I didn’t have an extra $20 to buy our own copy. It was a newly-released book, so there weren’t copies available on the bookshelves of the charity resale stores in our area. We contacted the local library to put our names on the waiting list for that book, and we waited nearly 3 months for our turn to read it.

Reading those pages was a pivotal moment for our understanding of the power of leverage and the differences between self-employment and business systems.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. We waited for then read (I mean devoured) that book and others written by that author. If she’s truly interested in elevating her financial situation, she will find that book and read it quickly. I will discover if she is “coachable” by what she does in this situation.

The next move is hers. Her actions will reveal whether she is ready to move from dreaming to taking action toward a more prosperous future.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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“What questions should I ask before joining a company?”

[doggone it, I clicked “publish” long before I was finished typing! So here is the completed version.  –LS]

My friend Jason called me to ask that question. I was flattered that he asked, and I was determined to give him a list that would allow HIM to decide which company to choose.

(all of this post is my personal opinion. No insult, direct or indirect, is intended toward any person, company, or type of product. This is not considered “professional advice.” Follow it at your own risk.)

I joined my first network marketing company in 1996. When that folded, I joined my second-ever company in 2006, and I love it. I’m happy where I am.

In the past 20 years I have seen many things happen. Products launched successfully, and not. Companies bursting onto the scene with great fanfare; some last and some don’t. People lured by “big money” only to discover they need to invest many more thousand dollars in required training or purchases. And others who were accurately told the costs up-front and remain happy with their company many years later.

My deep wish is for people to ask questions so they choose a company that truly fits their situation, so they remain satisfied in the long term. I want people to join with “eyes wide open.”

So if you are looking for your first network marketing company, here are some questions you might want to consider.

I begin by focusing on the PRODUCT because the point of being a distributor is to sell (or distribute) product.

  1. Do you truly LIKE the product and its overall industry? Would you use it even if there was no compensation plan available?
    You will be expected to purchase and publicly use your company’s product. For example, if the company markets greeting cards, you will be expected to send thank you, birthday, holiday, and sympathy cards. If you abhor sending cards, if it is against your religion’s rules to celebrate birthdays and holidays, or you think greeting cards are a waste of paper and money, such a company would not be a good fit.
  2. Are you comfortable talking to people about their PAIN with that subject?
    People tend to buy products when they have reached a point of extreme discomfort. Example: If the company is a “legal protections” company, are you comfortable talking to people about their recent or current legal troubles?
  3. Is the product “consumable”? If a customer falls behind in “consuming,” can they catch up?
    “Consumable” means things one swallows, as well as other items that are “one-time-use.” This is in comparison to durable goods such as clothing or household goods. If your product is consumable you have a built-in market for repeat purchases. Otherwise your customers will only realistically want so much of your product, so you will need to bring in new customers on a consistent basis. And for example, if a customer buying nutritional supplements forgets to swallow the item for a week, it could be dangerous to take seven servings at one time. So their need for restocking your product would be delayed by seven days.
  4. Is this general type of product already available in retail stores? If so, is yours priced LESS than retail OR does it offer a convenience or improvement the customer finds significant?
  5. Realistically who already buys this type of product IN YOUR COMPANY’S PRICE RANGE? People who already spend a similar amount for a similar (retail) product are more likely to buy yours.

Now let’s talk about the distributor’s obligations.

  1. What is the expected time commitment– presentations, weekly meetings or trainings, conference calls, webinars? Are there area and regional events, or an annual convention?
  2. Where do we hold our business presentations: over Skype? In one’s home? In a local coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel meeting room?
  3. What DVDs, supplies, or handouts do I use when conducting a presentation?
    You will be expected to purchase these types of items and have them on-hand.
    Many companies no longer use DVDs or CDs but have their videos posted online.
  4. What type of attire is considered proper for doing a presentation? For the company area, regional, and convention events? (Examples: 2 piece suit, polo and casual slacks, tshirts and jeans)
  5. If I want to move up in rank in the company, what packages/products/trainings must I purchase or attend?
  6. Tell me about your leadership line: who trained you?  Can I speak with them if I have questions before joining? What is the highest ranking person in your company who will accept your phone calls?
  7. What are the “tools” you use in your business, and how much are the monthly costs?
    Tools might include: smartphone, computer, company-generated web site, subscription to magazines or coaching web sites, and many other things. Internet access is essentially a “must” nowadays.
  8. What must I do to receive my full paycheck? Is there minimum amount of purchases I or my personal customers must do each month? Is there a requirement to bring in new customers or distributors on a monthly or yearly basis?
  9. What happens to my paycheck if I stop business-building activities for a week, a month, several months, especially in my first year?  Surprises happen in life, so it’s smart to learn this effect ahead of time.


I hope this list helps you learn some insightful details about whatever company you are considering. This is an incredibly powerful profession, and I hope you find a company that fits you well.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Which side of the magic?

I’m not speaking of the fabled Dark and Light Sides of The Force, as portrayed in Star Wars.

Instead I’m describing a common question from children at this time of year.

Does the man in red really exist?

Frankly, the answer is based on the following question:

Would you rather receive the magic… or would you rather BE the magic?

There is joy and delight in receiving gifts from an unseen loving person. Likewise in our businesses, receiving and implementing words of wisdom from a person you’ve never met can get us back on track or even cause a breakthrough.

I challenge you to be on both sides at once. Be a willing recipient of respectful advice that causes you to grow yourself and your company. And also be willing to share what you’ve learned with others, to guide them to their own breakthroughs.

The magic is within you.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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