Is it a warning signal?

Let’s peek into the mind of a newbie.

Yeah, I expect some difficulty when I start a new path. Just like when I launched my current business.

I have a new company, new product type, new sponsor. And something to prove.

But I’m a fast learner… or so I was always told.

So why does a business seem to get harder? I finish one challenge, and another one pops into its place. Where’s the “flow”?

As I coach newbie distributors on my team, I ask myself how to help such a person. And it triggers an important realization: Do I expect the “Right” technique will make my business grow fast, automatically? And am I teaching that mindset either through direct words or by implication?

Here’s the main question for a distributor to ask themselves:

Is struggle or challenge signaling that I’m on the wrong path?

Would it be more helpful to say, I know I’m on the right path BECAUSE things got harder?

Only you can decide.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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