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What should I “fake”?

‘Fake’ your confidence, not your results.  –LYnn Selwa

If you need to “borrow” some confidence, that’s fine.

When I want a boost of confidence, I think how a highly respected leader would behave in a similar situation. Then I picture them standing or sitting next to me, lending their silent approval of my words.

Confidence is, “Here is the path I’m taking, here’s my vision, do you want to come along?”

Cockiness is, “I have THE only solution and you need to do it my way, or you’re a loser.”

People like to be invited. Most adults hate to be forced or shamed.

And if your results aren’t “inspiring”, here’s a way to use that to your advantage.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Here’s to sitting next to you!

A lady I saw often during my days in Michigan posted an astounding story on our facebook group. It was several hundred words describing the difficult and heartbreaking journey she has taken through life. Poverty, love found then lost, raising a child singlehandedly against terrible odds.

If you ever met her, you would have no idea of the turmoil she has endured.

She’s calm, friendly, and focused. A loving parent and dedicated volunteer to the organization where we met. A seemingly ordinary retired woman in line at the grocery store.

But her inner strength is extraordinary.

After I managed to close my slack-mouth jaw from astonishment, my typed response included:

It goes to show , At First Glance, You Never Know Whom You’re Sitting Next To.

It’s so true.

Each person holds a hidden story of perseverance and courage within them.

And I salute yours.

Here’s a toast, to sitting next to you and learning about your journey in life.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The danger of faking your dream

In a world that craves digital polishing, we abhor outright deception. We appreciate expanding the future, but not exaggerating the past.

If you slept at the Holiday Inn, please don’t saunter into The Ritz and post photos implying you checked in there.

If you do pose for a few snaps in the lobby or under the awning, have the integrity to tell us, “This time I could afford the coffee and a croissant. I want to stay here for a week. I’m taping this picture onto my Vision Board.”

Dream with us, and we will follow. Deceive us, and trust evaporates.

Better a two-star truth than a five-star fake.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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You’re not brag-able anymore

You used to be the one who worked their way up to manager. The stockbroker, the public speaker, the book author. The selfless public school teacher, the soccer coach, the organist at church.

And then you joined “one of those things.”

Please realize some people brag that they know you, for what you do for work.

So when you branch out and start a side business (or change careers), suddenly you don’t fit their previous description.

Many times they seem confused by the change. They say, “You had such ‘respect from the community’ or ‘a great salary,’ so why would you want to change that?”

Be aware that some pressure comes from them wanting you to stay who and where you were, for their comfort.

Be okay with change you choose.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach”

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