Does flying coach degrade prosperity?

Many prosperity gurus make a big deal about avoiding the so-called “cheap” thing. They rail against flying in the coach section, booking discount hotel rooms that face away from the beach, and driving anything less than a recent-model sportscar of your dreams.

It’s judgmental to assume someone is anti-prosperity because of such choices. I call it “Prosperity Procrastination” ™ to delay experiencing the satisfying essence of your dream simply because you can’t afford the supposed “best” way to do it.

Maybe it’s simply not your priority to spend money for those items. Or perhaps those items would literally do you physical harm, or take away critical resources that you want for your longer-term dream.

Take 3 minutes and read Randy Gage’s insights.

Here are the comments I posted on his Facebook Page about it (in italics), followed by some closing thoughts.


Yes! Spending money according to one’s priorities, especially as one’s wealth increases. For me, many “luxury” items or upgrades are useless because I need to avoid the very thing they are offering (scented towels and linens and air, food I won’t eat due to medical reasons, I avoid all alcohol, etc). Instead, I put that money into our investment accounts.

I was cautioned about judging people for the way they spend their money. There’s a world of difference between “he shouldn’t buy that” and “*I* would spend it on….”. The former is an attempt at controlling others, and the latter is a statement of personal priorities.

The person driving the late model Mazda might own investment properties. The person wearing a nice but not designer-logo shirt may be in the top 5% of their company. Be careful of judging people on appearances, both inside and outside one’s profession.

Also, what improvements can one make in the gap?… for example, between barely-affording-economy-coach and first class? Look for an increase in comfort… several airlines offer a wider seat and more legroom for an extra $100 per leg. That’s a boon when I flew to Europe for the first time.


You deserve the very best life has to offer. If the difference in affording your dream trip to Paris hinges on the price of the hotel room, then be wary about delaying it simply because The Park Hyatt Paris is out of budget. (Of course, that’s assuming staying  there isn’t part of your dream trip.)

Are you delaying your dream by buying into the way a successful person is “supposed” to spend their money? Are you looking for the IG-praiseworthy version of your dream? That’s handing your power to the crowd, who in the end don’t really care about you as a person.

Living the current level of your dream is wise. Delaying it due to peer pressure will crush your spirit.

Stick to your priorities, and enjoy your growing prosperity.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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