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Does flying coach degrade prosperity?

Many prosperity gurus make a big deal about avoiding the so-called “cheap” thing. They rail against flying in the coach section, booking discount hotel rooms that face away from the beach, and driving anything less than a recent-model sportscar of your dreams.

It’s judgmental to assume someone is anti-prosperity because of such choices. I call it “Prosperity Procrastination” ™ to delay experiencing the satisfying essence of your dream simply because you can’t afford the supposed “best” way to do it.

Maybe it’s simply not your priority to spend money for those items. Or perhaps those items would literally do you physical harm, or take away critical resources that you want for your longer-term dream.

Take 3 minutes and read Randy Gage’s insights.

Here are the comments I posted on his Facebook Page about it (in italics), followed by some closing thoughts.


Yes! Spending money according to one’s priorities, especially as one’s wealth increases. For me, many “luxury” items or upgrades are useless because I need to avoid the very thing they are offering (scented towels and linens and air, food I won’t eat due to medical reasons, I avoid all alcohol, etc). Instead, I put that money into our investment accounts.

I was cautioned about judging people for the way they spend their money. There’s a world of difference between “he shouldn’t buy that” and “*I* would spend it on….”. The former is an attempt at controlling others, and the latter is a statement of personal priorities.

The person driving the late model Mazda might own investment properties. The person wearing a nice but not designer-logo shirt may be in the top 5% of their company. Be careful of judging people on appearances, both inside and outside one’s profession.

Also, what improvements can one make in the gap?… for example, between barely-affording-economy-coach and first class? Look for an increase in comfort… several airlines offer a wider seat and more legroom for an extra $100 per leg. That’s a boon when I flew to Europe for the first time.


You deserve the very best life has to offer. If the difference in affording your dream trip to Paris hinges on the price of the hotel room, then be wary about delaying it simply because The Park Hyatt Paris is out of budget. (Of course, that’s assuming staying  there isn’t part of your dream trip.)

Are you delaying your dream by buying into the way a successful person is “supposed” to spend their money? Are you looking for the IG-praiseworthy version of your dream? That’s handing your power to the crowd, who in the end don’t really care about you as a person.

Living the current level of your dream is wise. Delaying it due to peer pressure will crush your spirit.

Stick to your priorities, and enjoy your growing prosperity.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The toddler scramble

Imagine a two-year-old attempting to climb onto the couch by themselves.

Lots of pulling on the cushions, kicking legs to get a foothold, even pressing their face into the couch seat in the process.

It’s not graceful, but it works… most of the time. Sometimes it results in a slide to the floor.

That child had to focus, and perhaps run toward the couch to get enough momentum to climb aboard.

Your newbie distributors act the same way, when they gather enough steam to make their first push for qualifying for a contest leaderboard.

The burst of activity and the signups may have taken all the energy and focus they could muster. They may have fallen short of being listed… or were knocked off the board after it was refreshed.

Do you praise such people?

I say it’s the smart thing to do. Whether or not they qualify, they’re demonstrating the intention to get better and aim higher.

And I applaud that, so they learn that’s what I honor:

Doing What You Can, When You Can  … and a leaderboard listing is icing on the cake.

Many times the newbie gets discouraged by not reaching the leaderboard, or from being knocked off it. So my praise models healthy long-term business actions.

I doubt the two-year-old child successfully climbed onto the couch on the first attempt.

But do we shame them for failing, or tell them don’t-try-only-do-it-if-you’re-going-to-succeed? I hope not.

The same goes for your newbies.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Graceful leapfrogging

This week I read an interesting opinion from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the  accomplished professional basketball player.

He was asked how he feels when someone surpasses his athletic records.

His words convey excitement in what humans are able to do. Further, he describes that he is cheering them onward.

In our businesses, do we celebrate when people surpass our records?

As leaders, we can build that graciousness in the attitudes of our teammates in three ways.

First, when someone exceeds a group-, company-, or industry-wide record, we should praise them in the same size or larger environment that the award was earned. Don’t honor a company-wide record setter only in a small group meeting. Don’t honor a group-wide record setter with only a private phone call.

Second, give some verbal and visual praise to the previous record holder(s) in that new ceremony. For instance, have the previous achiever of the group’s top monthly sales revenue present the award to the newer recipient in the ceremony.

And third, publicly acknowledge people in a consistent way.

If the top recruiter in your local area is announced during your monthly team training and is called to the front of the room, and their picture and explanation of the award is posted by your group leader on social media the next day, be consistent in that amount of recognition for the future winners of that award.

Don’t let “not enough time” cut the award ceremony short for one person. Don’t wax poetic about the February winner but only write two factual sentences about the March honoree. Don’t introduce a female recipient as “a beautiful and charming mompreneur” while the male counterpart is “a focused and inspiring leader.”

Each person is unique. However, the quality of recognition counts… and speaks volumes about the attitudes of the group.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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What do Olympic losses and business success have in common?

I adore reading autobiographies and stories about Olympic-caliber athletes. The sport doesn’t matter: short track speed skating, swimming, gymnastics, curling, tennis, etc.

I comb through their books, looking for answers to these questions:

When the pressure was on, and you “failed,” how did you maintain your confidence for the remainder of the competition? During your next competition? And how did you prevent it from causing long-term regret?

You see, I’m more interested in how someone recovers from a mistake than the details of their training routines. You might say I have a fascination with their “non-clutch” behaviors.

At the world-class or Olympic level of competition, the athletes usually have the same quality of body type and physical training as their competitors.

As many such athletes and coaches have stressed, it’s the mental preparation and emotional intelligence that make the difference.

Likewise, it’s the same “ability to recover from ‘failure'” that will determine the long-term success of distributors in our profession.

The stakes may feel as crucial: If this person doesn’t sign up, I won’t qualify for this month’s leaderboard. If I miss my month-end-production level, I’ll lose a rank.

Those situations are important milestones in a distributor’s business. (Did you think I was going to tell you otherwise?)

And when disappointment sets in, how do you handle it? How long do you stay out of the game? How long do you let the experience deflate your confidence?

If you have access to Netflix, I suggest you watch a few episodes of the newly-released “Losers.” If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the behind-the-scenes discussions of the courageous athletes who tell their not-so-glamorous stories.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

P.S. I receive no compensation of any type for mentioning Netflix or its programs.

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