Be an introverted show-off

Show the world what you can do. Never mind the world. Show yourself.

–Bob Bowman, career-long coach for Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps

What’s your focus when you are heading for a goal? Does a corner of your brain want to show yourself what you’re capable of? Or are you outwardly-focused on what “they” will say or give you at the finish line?

Maybe a healthier way is to show yourself what you’re capable of, and enjoy any applause and accolades that come your way. That’s the philosophy that Michael himself uses… he says in his “No Limits” autobiography that he only races against the clock, and not against other swimmers.

(Notice I didn’t suggest accomplishing the goal in secrecy or celebrating only behind closed doors. Please enjoy the rewards of your efforts!)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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