Two ways to handle anticipation

See, then do?


Do, then see?

When you know (or suspect) a change is coming in your business, how do you react?

Do wait to hear the announcement and then decide what to do?

Or do you take action and then see what happens?

Each method has its advantages.

If you wait to see the change (the announcement of a new product, a tweak of the compensation plan), you might save time and money. But ask yourself, are you simply trying to avoid looking foolish? I realized a lot of wait-and-see attitude in our profession is driven by fear: fear of looking foolish, fear of the unknown, fear that a company might be going downhill.

On the other hand… If you do an action (market your existing products, give a business presentation) and then see what happens, you will likely build a bigger business faster than someone who waits for the announcement. You take the risk that the product line or the requirements for rank advancement might change and your efforts may not create the effect you were hoping for. However, can you control that type of corporate-level announcement in the first place?

Trust is the foundation. People will market and coach their teams more confidently if they trust the leaders to look out for the entire distributor and customer base.

If distributors on your team are acting timid, do some deep thinking and see if there is a trust issue lurking in the background.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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