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Thank you for 354, and a green reminder

During the final week of the year, I think about all the adventures I experienced and the goals I accomplished. I’m looking at the blog statistics for 2017… this blog received 354 visitors this year from 16 countries.

Thank you.

The voice or approach of the technically-trained distributor does not get much publicity on the large stages. However, it is worth discussing. We contribute in a unique way to the profession. To us, numbers matter. Procedures matter. And being included matters. Through this blog I aim to give our technical mindset a voice. Other scientifically-educated people who understand our profession are welcome to add theirs.

Call it by many names: Leveraged Sales, Network Marketing, Party Plan, MLM, Relationship Sales, Direct Sales, Passive Income Source, Residual Income Generator. And ultimately it is a network of people helping others become successful, where teamwork is more important than being the superstar.

Our mutual line of work can be our most flattering or most hideous mirror. It’s our choice. How we treat each other and how we treat people outside the profession will determine our overall reputation.

You also create your personal reputation. Regardless of the path(s) you personally chose this past year– super-focused, part time, or sabbatical, I know you have accomplished many things in your life.

My year-end wish is that you are proud of the choices you made, that they reflect your deepest integrity, and above all, you respected yourself during the actions and their effects.

If you feel disappointed regarding the results you see from your business this year, I encourage you to celebrate your green lights.

I have faith there is more to celebrate than you initially imagine.

May you be proud of what you accomplished and gentle with yourself regarding the areas where you feel you “fell short.” And as they say here in Deutschland, “Wishing you a good slide into the new year!”

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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What’s in the center?

Feeling stressed during this holiday season?

Here is some outstanding advice from Teresa Romain.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Flexible or Derailed?

New options seem to pop up every day.

Movies, networking groups, parties, errands, that new television show.

The choices seem to increase dramatically during December and its holidays.

Should you change plans?

First, what is your business goal? (We will focus on business goals for this example.)

Let’s assume it is to meet new potential customers and distributors, coach the newly enrolled ones, and assist your current clients.

Decision Question 1. Does this new activity require me to cancel a scheduled (or verbally promised) business building activity?

This is the worst time of year to “stand someone up.” People are extra busy with children’s, workplace, extended family, and religious activities. If they have given you an appointment on their calendar, they have likely taken time away from one of the other areas I named. If you cancel now, it will be twice as hard for you to set the appointment in January.

Decision Question 2. Does this new activity DIRECTLY assist my business goal?

Let’s face facts… yes you can meet new and different groups of people at a party, but it turns into a business activity if you have a *goal* of connecting with x number of people in a way for you to contact them later. Maybe that’s social media connections on-the-spot, capturing the phone number they share to you while chatting, or writing their email/physical address on a paper or app.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Say “Awe!”

In the northern hemisphere, many people are decorating their homes and windowsills with holiday lights and ornaments.

Menorahs gleam in ever-increasing candlelight.

White and colored tiny lights blink a welcome.

Here in Germany, the recent coating of snow makes many old half timber buildings look like a classic Christmas card.

Wherever you are in the world, my wish for you this week is that you find a moment where you stop and take a gasp of wonder at a beautiful sight.

A cat bumping heads with the person holding it.

A child’s delighted laughter.

The sunlight suddenly illuminating your favorite tree.

And if this season of celebration is painful for you, you might be comforted by last week’s post.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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