The only constant in this world…

The only constant in this world … is change, according to the Greek philosopher named Heraclitus.

So “the constant” happened again in my company. Another tweak– this time a major one– to our compensation plan.

I can choose to feel angry about all the changes, or I can gracefully accept them.

(Personally, I think this batch is a significant improvement. And the changes I have seen throughout these years have almost always been immediate improvements.)

In the eleven years I have spent with my current company, there have been many changes. New presentations. New DVDs (remember those?), and then phasing them out to rely on streaming video instead. New bonuses, shifts in compensation rewarding long-term customer gathering, and new rank advancement requirements. Upper-level corporate officers coming and going. New marketing materials (requiring me to pitch the old, outdated ones.)

What has stayed the same? The mission of the company. Its heart and purpose for existing.

In every company, some things are consistent.

Are they the policies and attitudes that matter to you?

Let your outward response be in alignment with that answer.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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