Taunting or showing you the catalog?

Jealousy is a fierce beast. When I experience it, it feels like a hot electric ball meandering through my body. Not a pleasant sensation.

I saw a social media post from The Secret this week, which helps me transform those thoughts… and I thought it might help some of my blog readers.

In summary, when you see something you want, add it to your mental shopping list. Here are some suggested words to do that.

“I like that! Universe, add it to my list.”

My viewpoint: You can modify the words to fit your situation, of course.

Personally I think “my list” is too vague. ‘List of what?’, I ask myself.

I am musing about the “my list” phrase to see what fits me best. Perhaps “shopping list”… that seems to push it into the future, never accomplished. “Receiving list” feels better, as if I am receiving that item now. I’m looking for a phrase that implies “manifesting now” or “celebrating the newly-formed memories of that recent event.” Perhaps I will use “celebration list.”

Regardless of the wording you use, the technique is a powerful way to move from frustration of feeling taunted into a delight of window-shopping or satisfaction of ordering precisely what you want from a catalog.

Remember, you can add whatever you want to the catalog of possibilities. Let yourself be inspired by other people’s experiences.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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