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Special edition: how to view today’s eclipse safely

**Please share this post with your friends in the United States.

**The entire “Lower 48” USA states will see at least a partial eclipse and will need this advice.

I have seen numerous social media memes and claims of how to safely view the August 21 North American Total Solar Eclipse.

Advice for safely viewing the event, from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration):

Are your eclipse glasses or viewers safe?  (site recommended by NASA):

If it’s cloudy or you don’t have safe eclipse glasses, many livestream internet broadcasts are available. Visit

I will be watching the live internet broadcast from our flat in Stuttgart, Germany. (The eclipse does not pass over Europe.)

Happy Viewing!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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A leap made with eyes wide open

In March my husband accepted a permanent position in Germany.

We discussed such a move for several years, and then a fabulous job opening became available in January.  So we jumped at the chance.

After our transatlantic flight in late July, we are settling into life in southwest Germany, and I continue to run my network marketing business which is incorporated in the USA.

I will be posting stories about networking in a new language and other business topics in the coming months!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Stumblings vs failure

I saw a fabulous meme on social media this week. The basic message: don’t confuse a stumbling with a failure.

When we start out in Network Marketing, everything we do is new. Our first practice of the business presentation. Our first phone call, text, or Message to set a business presentation appointment. Asking for the sale. Enrolling and coaching.

At the beginning we stumble. A lot. It’s all new. For some of us, it has simply been many years since we tried something new, and we forget what a learning curve feels and sounds like.

Being an adult doesn’t bypass the awkwardness of learning a new skill. Sometimes we forget that fact, acting as if being adult means one has competence over everything.

(I certainly don’t!)

Stumbling looms large if we take the stumbling as a sign of permanent incompetence, such as, “I’ll never be good at this.”

The trick is to let the stumblings be proof to your brain that you are learning, instead of false evidence of a wasted effort.

Stumble forward.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Are you above average?

“How much money does the average distributor make?”

One of the trainers in my previous company (in the late 1990’s) had a forceful response to that prying question. (By the way, she had a background in engineering!)

“The average distributor makes nothing. Tell me, are you average?”

So, readers of this blog… if you have received ANY money from your company, let me congratulate you for being “above average.”

If you are building toward your first check, let me congratulate you on your persistence. Your efforts are worthy of praise as well.

In any case, keep going and focus on the long-term outlook.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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