How to build new group presenters

“I’m too new with the company.”

“I don’t have the presentation memorized yet.”

“I’m still polishing my talk. Maybe next month?”

If your company holds weekly group business presentations, it is crucial to train more than one presenter for each part of the evening’s talk.

Even if your main presenter is very good, she or he might be sick or on vacation, unexpectedly. So duplication is important for holding those public presentations.

Here’s the classic situation: you want to train some distributors so they can give effective group business presentations. However, no one seems “ready enough” to step forward into that key role.

Here’s a question that will shift their thinking. “Are you thirty percent ready to _____________¬† (be the M.C. of the event, introduce a speaker, give the main presentation, etc)?

Thirty percent.

Many more distributors will say yes!

And of course, when they practice with you, give them “thirty percent” feedback. Give them general guidance, while avoiding detailed critique.

The new presenter will gain experience in the new role and receive feedback to help them get better. This will help build their confidence.

If they mess up… well, they were only 30% ready!

No perfection expected, less pressure received.

(and both of you will likely discover, they are much more than 30% ready!)

Consider creating “30% ready,” “70% ready,” and “90% ready” groups in your organization.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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P.S. This post inspired by a link found in the July 18, 2017 installment of Technically Speaking



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