It’s more powerful than technique.

Have you been in the audience, watching a presenter speaking… and then you feel the energy shift.

You can tell the speaker is about to speak from the heart.

Off-script but on-point.

Suddenly everyone who was letting their mind wander … starts paying full attention.

People sit up in their chairs. They lean forward in anticipation.

It may be only a few words. But the effect is profound.

You get a glimpse of the real person instead of a finely-crafted and well-rehearsed exterior.

It feels different because it is connecting through emotions.


Truth. It’s more powerful than any speech or sales technique.

Up to that moment, you may have felt strong emotion regarding their talk. But in that glimpse, you feel THEIRS. That two-way emotional connection is riveting.

Of course, when you are the speaker, maintain your healthy boundaries. Also guard any company-private information.

Telling the truth doesn’t mean spilling your guts or T.M.I. (Too Much personal Information). It requires telling the audience what you FEEL about this subject. “I feel ______.” Hate, love, disgust, pity, compassion, longing. Or something else. And why.

Let them hear it in your voice, if only for a moment. Speak human-to-human instead of announcing your next bullet point or topic.

I betcha that glimpse is the part of the speech they remember.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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