Are your goals shaky?

In the USA it is fashionable to set goals, resolutions, and habits leading up to New Year’s Eve, to be followed during the new year.

And some are doomed from the start.

I learned significant tips from Raymond Aaron’s “Smart Goals, Massive Results” audiotape set in the late 1990’s. (now available in more modern ways). In the set Raymond talks through the 17 Goal Recording Rules that help ensure each goal is solid.

What surprised me is how obvious many of them should be… once I learned the reasons behind each Rule. Our brains think in a literal fashion, much like a 3 year old child, and that quirk can derail many of the best intentions.

Perhaps you have set goals during a training session. It’s common to take part in a goal-setting session during one’s first months in any business. There are numerous goal-setting trainings and webinars available in the business world.

After learning Raymond’s rules, I cringe when I sit through most of them. I hear many of the rules being violated, and the result is people are inadvertently set up to fail.

I’m a big believer in Rules 12 and 14. Most goal-setting speakers blatantly ignore them.

When I follow Raymond’s rules, I nearly always reach my goals. When I don’t, I miss by a significant distance.

I hate to be so vague.  I simply don’t want to violate any trademark or copyright laws.

If you’re interested in Smart Goals Massive Results, here is the direct link to the product descriptions.

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Wishing you a prosperous and satisfying Year 2017,

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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