Chalk it up to “weird”

It happens to the best of us.

I was contacting people I met back in the early days of my business, to bring them up to speed with our improved smartphone and tablet app.

(I launched my network marketing distributorship in 2006, and from that initial day, building this distributorship is the only work I do.)

We met in 2006, and I gave her an interactive business presentation the next year. (Our presentation requires the potential customer or potential distributor to click along and compose a message on our web site or app.)

After years of occasional keep-in-touch and business-focused calls, as well as numerous greeting cards, she kept delaying launching a customer account. Now is not good, she told me. I’m not ready. Maybe in the future.

On yesterday’s phone call she freely blurted that she became a customer back in 2008 and loves the product and “uses it all the time.”

As she continued gushing compliments and excitement about the app, I don’t think she noticed that I stopped speaking for a moment. I felt betrayed and used.

From her comments I knew I couldn’t trust her, and I decided this would be the last time I ever contacted her.

I had a decision to make. How was I going to react, right here, right now?

Knowing she already made up her mind and evidently didn’t care about my opinion, I chose the proverbial “high road.”

I maintained my composure. I explained in general terms how she could use either the app or the web site to do her ordering. I graciously signed off.

And I was fuming.

I called a company colleague whom I respect and asked for 5 minutes to vent.

She asked me what happened.

After I calmly described what happened and how I felt about it, my friend paused.

“I would chalk that up to ‘weird’,” she said.

It was the positive perspective I needed, to guide my brain away from some very unflattering adjectives.

Sometimes, you just gotta say, “That was weird,” and move along.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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