A twinkle in the eye

When a person is extremely happy, their eyes seem to twinkle or shine.

What puts that twinkle in the eyes of your personally-sponsored Distributors?

What about your personal clients?

Chances are the answers are NOT directly related to your company’s compensation plan or product. (Those might provide the money for the thing or action that DOES make them happy.)

The answers are typically: a special someone (spouse, partner, child, grandchild). A hobby or sport (spending the day kayaking, learning a new word in German, mastering the art of the souffle). A charitable cause (fresh drinking water in Africa, cancer research foundation, literacy program in their county).

Your task is to get to know those Twinkle Reasons, then show what you offer (income or product) helps them reach that Reason faster or more quickly.

If you neglect this step, your product becomes “another expense” and your business model becomes “one more thing to fit into my busy schedule.”

When you connect to their Reason, it creates a strong positive emotional bond between the two of you. And that’s when they become self-motivated… to work or to buy.

Emotions triumph over words, even with engineers.

( Tip: When you’re speaking with engineers, look at their eyes. They might not show a lot of large and fast body movements when they’re excited, but their excitement will show in their eyes… they will twinkle!)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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