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Leaders lead. But who is following you?

Industry trainer Randy Gage has done it again.

Sometimes we get so caught up in building our teams of distributors that we forget the longer-term question: who will take the helm when you sell your distributorship or retire?

Regardless if your company’s compensation plan is described as Network Marketing, MLM, Party Plan, or Direct Sales, if you want the fabled “long term residual income, that your children and grandchildren can inherit,” this is an important question.

A better question is, how many leaders are you developing, compared to the number of teammates you have? After all if you can sell your distributorship or retire, so can the person you’re grooming as the “next leader.” And their announcement may take you by surprise.

What should you do?

Check out Randy’s Leadership Series post.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Did a jerk slip in?

One of my college friends interviewed for an upper-management job in “corporate America” three years ago. She is a Materials Science Engineer and is a person of high integrity.

She described the rigorous interview process for the position. Resume. Phone screening. More than one trip for in-person interviews. And a battery of psychological testing, whose descriptions I was intrigued to hear.

I joked, “It sounds like they want to make sure you’re not Dr. Evil.”

(I know she’s not… I roomed with her at Purdue!  By the way, “Dr. Evil” is a fictional character bent on taking over the world in one of the “Austin Powers” movies.)

It turns out my humorous description had a basis in reality…

Corporate analysts have learned the hard way the damage a single narcissist or psychopathic person can cause. Only one bad apple, especially in upper management, can poison a working environment, causing people to quit and profits to plummet as morale takes a dive and productivity declines.

Hence the rigorous screening for upper-level managers.

My friend passed the screening with flying colors and is happily doing an excellent job for that corporation.

In Network Marketing, MLM, Party Plan, and Direct Sales companies, we don’t have that type of shield against destructive personalities. As you likely know, any adult citizen in a country open for business can lay down the startup costs and launch their distributorship. And the people who build the biggest teams & sales automatically receive the ranks and privileges thereof, including a powerful microphone and leadership aura. Yes, a distributor can be terminated from a company for violation of the policies and procedures, but they have to be caught… and the higher-level management must be willing to boot out a distributor whose team likely creates a significant income stream to the corporate office.

(Can you tell I’ve seen a few of these destructive personalities in the industry? Thank goodness our company seems to attract positive minded people and repel the bad apples. I’m pretty sure that is due to the product itself, which focuses on appreciation.)

So it pays to be aware of the signals of those types of destructive folks. Thought Leader Seth Godin calls them “jerks”… take a look at his list of leadership jerk qualities. In our MLM profession I can add “seems to jump from company to company quite often… as soon as their ugly side becomes obvious and the distributors wise up.”  (Please note, people who leave a company and join a new one do not necessarily have destructive personalities!)

Let the knowledge be your guide about whose advice you follow… and whom you recommend your team listens to.

Your long-term financial future depends on it.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Hidden praise

Two days ago I went shopping for Halloween candy.

I know I’m 6 weeks early, but this is when the selection is widest. And only a few people were browsing.

I knew exactly what I wanted: a particular brand of lollipop, because it is free of major allergens.

You see,  400 costume trick-or-treaters knock on our door each Halloween. Yes, 400.

And as I shopped for 400 of those lollipops, I didn’t even look at the price on the bags.

I suddenly planted my feet in the aisle, tugging my shopping cart to a halt between the Kit Kats and Smarties. I realized how much more prosperous we are than during the early years of our marriage, back when I hunted in the aisles for the cheapest candy (typically the no-name imitation of Smarties)– or forgo giving any treats at all. And I seized the moment to make a video with my smartphone,  telling that story as I stood in that aisle, with the backdrop of 6ft high shelves lined with cellophane bags of candy.

The surprise came when I posted the video to social media the next afternoon.

I received the typical Likes and a few comments about “congratulations.”

But some people I haven’t heard from in many months began commenting, telling me how much they appreciated receiving greeting cards from me. (No mention of greeting cards in the video.)

I send those people birthday and anniversary cards each year and never hear a peep from many of them, year after year, unless on the rare occasion we see each other face-to-face– at which point they commonly gush “thank you for the cards you send” as one of their first comments.

Many of those cards never bounced back with a bad address, so I kept sending. In some cases I wondered if they ever received the mailings… perhaps the cards were getting thrown away by a family member or roommate?

Well, something in that video or comment thread triggered a chain of gratitude. And it made my day!

Whatever your product is… keep building strong relationships that show you care more about people than their wallet.

You never know when the appreciation will change from hidden to visible.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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A twinkle in the eye

When a person is extremely happy, their eyes seem to twinkle or shine.

What puts that twinkle in the eyes of your personally-sponsored Distributors?

What about your personal clients?

Chances are the answers are NOT directly related to your company’s compensation plan or product. (Those might provide the money for the thing or action that DOES make them happy.)

The answers are typically: a special someone (spouse, partner, child, grandchild). A hobby or sport (spending the day kayaking, learning a new word in German, mastering the art of the souffle). A charitable cause (fresh drinking water in Africa, cancer research foundation, literacy program in their county).

Your task is to get to know those Twinkle Reasons, then show what you offer (income or product) helps them reach that Reason faster or more quickly.

If you neglect this step, your product becomes “another expense” and your business model becomes “one more thing to fit into my busy schedule.”

When you connect to their Reason, it creates a strong positive emotional bond between the two of you. And that’s when they become self-motivated… to work or to buy.

Emotions triumph over words, even with engineers.

( Tip: When you’re speaking with engineers, look at their eyes. They might not show a lot of large and fast body movements when they’re excited, but their excitement will show in their eyes… they will twinkle!)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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“Can’t afford convention. Maybe next year.”

“Can’t afford convention. Maybe I’ll attend next year.”

Have you heard your team members say that? Or perhaps another distributor at your weekly meeting?

It’s important to respect one’s budget. However, the benefits of attending your company convention are worth the investment in money and time. As one field leader in my company said this week, “Leaders are made at convention.”

So how do we help the people who say, “I’ll attend convention when my business is making enough money to send me”?

Here’s what I did last September.

I woke up in my hotel room the morning after the convention, wondering how to bridge people across that “affordability” gap. I began asking myself a few questions. #talkingtomyself #powerfulproblemsolvingmethod

“What’s a reasonable way to save money for convention?” I asked myself.

My answer: Save money every week or month, from whatever income source(s) you have.

“What’s the biggest stumbling block to doing that?”

My answer: Keeping the idea & excitement of attending fresh in mind, to bolster the long-term commitment.

“How do we make that easier?”

My answer: weekly or monthly reminders.

Later that morning I launched a “Convention Savers” group on Facebook, strictly for active Distributors in our company, regardless of “downline affiliation.” I posted a photo from the just-concluded convention and announced the group’s intention in the company’s private Facebook group.

Each Friday I post a photo in that “Convention Savers” group and include a “Friendly Weekly Reminder” for people to contribute money to their individual savings methods.

Each Friday I also post that same photo with its story in our company’s private Facebook group, where our distributors can go to ask advice and celebrate successes. The photos are from my personal archive of all 10 of our past conventions, and I tell the story of what’s happening and my reactions (sometimes embarrassing!) to that situation. I conclude that post with an invitation to join us in the “Savers” group and its link.

I encourage the Savers group members to have a separate place dedicated to keeping the convention money. Some people use an envelope or jar. Others opened a separate savings account.

We have more than 140 members in the Savers group, and those distributors come from many groups in the company. I’m looking forward to talking with group members at the convention later this year, to see how the group helped them attend the event & how I can post more effectively.

If you hear the “maybe next year” comments in your meetings and conversations, consider launching your own “Savers” group!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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