Grin or Grimace?

There’s an old story…

The professor sits down for dinner, sharing news about the day’s events. “My students appreciate my sense of humor! They laugh at all my jokes!”

The spouse replies, “They have to!”

As your business reputation grows, you will likely be asked to– or even thrust into– deliver speeches at your weekly meetings, regional trainings, or even the annual convention.

When you speak from stage you are presented as a leader to the audience, automatically putting you into a position of authority over the audience. And those audience members feel a pressure to go along with whatever you say… even if it’s just to move the speech along so you get off the stage sooner.

I have a Competent Communicator ranking in Toastmasters, and one of the tasks is to deliver a humorous speech. I learned some of the pitfalls of the use of humor during that speech and critique!

One of the biggest lessons from that experience: When you use humor, be aware that the audience’s grins might actually be grimaces.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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