The Professional Look

“Is this a professional organization, or simply a bunch of amateurs?”

It is the unspoken question.

When I was considering joining my first network marketing company, I was looking for signs of a professional or businesslike company.

Keep in mind everything you publish reflects on your reputation. Publishing includes emails and social media posts, not just books and memos. It also includes all the materials you use in a business presentation, as well as brochures and enrollment forms you distribute, both online and in print.

Spelling counts. Frankly, in this modern day when spellcheck is embedded into our word processors, email programs, and social media platforms such as Facebook, there is NO EXCUSE for misspelling a word on those platforms. If you don’t know the correct spelling, simply tap or secondary click on the word, and the program will likely suggest one.

Let’s say you want to recruit more upper-management employees or medical professionals. Think for a second about their everyday jobs. Do you think an employee would be allowed to brush off misspellings and grammar errors in a memo or brochure by saying, “you know, I’m not very good at spelling.” I hardly think so, because that would be unprofessional. (If you saw gross errors in your doctor’s brochure, would you wonder if he truly graduated from medical school? Wouldn’t you expect a high level of communication skills from someone with that much education?)

And they are applying those same judgments to you and your company.

My business mentor willingly admits he is not good at spelling (such as while writing notes on paper). However, he rarely has an error in the weekly emails and daily motivational posts… not because he has someone proofreading for him, but because he uses the spellcheck feature.

“Is this brochure something I would feel proud to hand to my boss’ boss? Or does this look like a bunch of amateurs made it?”

Susan might not be interested in the business, but you bet Terry knows the materials he hands to her speak volumes.

Perfection isn’t necessary; neither is using a very formal composition tone. It’s fine to be human and show us your personality.

However, showing proper respect for your audience includes giving them your best work. If you’re not good at subject-verb agreement or you stumble over the differences among to, two, and too, find someone who can proofread for you. And be sure to use the spellcheck.

It’s the professional thing to do.

–LYnn Selwa “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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