The lure of optimization

In Direct Sales and Network Marketing emphasis is placed on teaching a duplicatable system.

But the engineer in me asks, “How can we make this more efficient?”

The engineer wants to tinker. To streamline and automate. To eliminate the excess.

Sometimes the two sides clash.

It’s true, technology is a larger part of our lives each year.

The question is, At what point does tinkering become a problem?

Do we really need a new comp plan, presentation, or training? MUST they be accessible through an app? If we increase enrollment through automation, do we risk losing the personal touch that bonds teams together at renewal time?

Each company struggles with these questions.

There’s no straightforward answer. Just understand that as technically-trained people, we are simultaneously drawn to following procedures AND looking to optimize.

My suggestion is to keep an eye out for ways the presentation and training can become more efficient while keeping (or increasing) the current level of clarity. Send those suggestions to your home office.

Then tell the optimizing technician in you to take a back seat, and follow the established process.

It’s exciting to innovate, but it’s more satisfying to watch your own team duplicate… and receive your increasing residual income checks.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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