Twice as long

“Tell me what it is!”

Those are words that can lead into the Valley Of Death… where you explain, and they interrupt, and you try to answer that question… and your potential distributor becomes frustrated.

In our company we teach people to book an appointment and use third-party-validation to explain the details.

Third-party-validation means a source (someone or something) OTHER THAN YOU. For example: apps, videos, teleconference training calls, tear sheets, card decks, 3-way calls, or 24 hour recorded voicemail messages.

Here is the magic phrase: “It would take me twice as long to explain it than to simply __(watch the video)___.”

People like to be in control… but even more importantly, they don’t want their time wasted!

(and people also like “simple” steps. Use “simply” instead of “just.”)

This is a respectful way to let your potential distributor back down and begin to follow your process.

Plus you are establishing your leadership by setting that boundary.

If they won’t follow your presentation process, they are not coachable… and would you really want them on your team?

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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