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Did you get “The Call”?

It happens.

Imagine the leader of a large team in your company is jumping to another program.

What should you say if you’re asked to “jump along?”

The better question is, Why are they leaving?

I recommend you read this thoughtful post by industry trainer Randy Gage.

He brought up some insights I had not thought of.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The bridge from referral partner to “all-in”

“This looks great, but I don’t have time to build a business. I will refer people to you.”

Hesitation. Hedging. Delaying.

Rarely will people tell you what’s REALLY on their minds.

A response like that typically arises because the person isn’t sure if they can do what you just did. “Can I do that presentation?” is a common unspoken question.

Try saying something like this, respectfully and warmly.

“Most people who want to be a referral partner are simply unsure if they can do this presentation. If I gave you guidance and coached you as you contacted the first several people and helped you do the first few presentations, would you be more confident in building a large team?”

If they say Yes… hold up your end of the bargain.

If you are separated by large physical distances, you can do 3 way telephone/Skype calls to be “virtually present” for those actions.

Assist them. Don’t do it FOR them.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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“You know the drill.”

A new person likely DOESN’T.

Even if they were paying attention each time you contacted them, spoke with them, and conducted their presentation.

An experienced network marketer might have more skills and seem confident about what to do… then again, their old company might have encouraged behavior that your company’s culture abhors– or is simply ineffective for your product and service.

Be sure to give each new distributor their basic training.

Even if they claim they know what to do.


A rapidly-growing organization needs a consistent basic training for their new people. It’s how your team propogates the effective behaviors and company culture. People do what their leaders do… and if the leaders don’t attend a basic training at least once, the newer people will decide they can skip it too. And someone who hasn’t sat through the basic training will not know how to teach it, for your company’s style.

A sign of a great leader is the willingness to be a student.

So go to, and encourage attendance at, your company’s basic training.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Remember to excel

Yesterday a colleague in my network marketing company posted a meme she found.

I was reading the list of statements in the meme, and my eyes slammed to a halt when I saw this:

“I choose … to excel, not compete.”

How often do we compare our imperfect progress to others’ polished results?

For me, this is an ongoing challenge. I have been highly competitive all my life. Perhaps that is a natural outgrowth of having two brothers, no sisters, and being the middle child.

In any case, the phrase was a timely reminder to gauge my own progress against my past, not against a projected future laced with milestones of what others have accomplished.

And I’m passing the suggestion to you.

Take pride in what you have accomplished. Skip the shame about what you “should” or “could.” And keep becoming the best you can be.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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You need 3 plans

You need 3 plans for your network marketing or direct selling business.

I’m speaking of planned business building activities, not filing papers nor listening to archived conference calls.

Plan One is used when you are working at a fast pace. “Massive Action.” How many and what type of business building activities will you do?

Plan Two is for those times when you must scale back your efforts in order to handle a life situation.

My opinion is… Health (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual) and Family Milestones are higher priority than my business.  Ask yourself, “What quick business building effort can I do today? What will make me feel I have taken a step forward in my business?”  Incorporate those into your Plan Two.

Plan Three is helpful when you have “taken a pause” in your business and it’s time to restart.

Perhaps your parents died, a child needed emergency surgery and extensive rehabilitation, or an immediate family member had a serious situation that required your focus.

Or for a happier example, you lived your lifelong dream of sailing the Caribbean all winter.  (Not my dream… but one of my friends longs for this. I need Dramamine if I come aboard.)

And remember, Plan Three situations are why we build residual income businesses, so the money keeps coming even when we don’t work. #gotpaidanyway

After an absence of several weeks or months, the sheer number of announcements and latest-and-greatest techniques will take time to learn and implement. Many newbies or people in the lower ranks of a company feel overwhelmed by such a situation, and some quit because it seems like too much to handle.

In my 9-plus years of coaching my team in my current company, I discovered people rarely jump from no activity to Plan One and stay there… a ramp-up phase is typically necessary. This is where Plan Three becomes quite valuable.

Even if you assume you will never need one or more of these Plans, develop them anyway. As your team grows, your teammates will approach you for advice in developing their own Plans… and you can draw from your own for inspiration and guidance.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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