This Is A Long Overdue ( ) For ( )

When you fall out of touch, neglect to send that promised email, or forget to post on your blog while traveling for your network marketing company’s convention <sheepish grin> …

How do you get back in touch?

When this happens to me, I  feel disappointed and embarrassed. There doesn’t seem to be a good time to get re-engaged, and the longer I wait the worse I feel.

Here is one solution.

The President of one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in the United States taught me this magic phrase:

“This is a long-overdue (       ) to (      ).”

As in, “This is a long-overdue phone call to see what questions you have regarding your account.”

Or, “This is a long-overdue email to share the details of the next networking meeting.”

And for me, “This is a long-overdue blog entry to apologize for my absence and to teach you a powerful technique.”

As I advised a friend on Facebook this week: “Everyone messes up. Your character is revealed by how you handle it.”

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach”

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