“Feeling frustrated because of unreturned messages and no-shows. What should I do?”

One of my network marketing colleagues had the courage to admit what many of us feel from time to time… frustrated. Multiple people were telling her they were interested, but not responding to her attempts to set an appointment for a presentation. Others would set the appointment and not show up.

Here’s what I responded:

Flakey people will flake, period. And sometimes people act flakey if the relationship is not strong… sometimes it simply takes more time to develop the two-way trust. Having met you, I know you have a big heart.

Everyone goes through “dry” spells. As my sponsor once told me, No One Feels Like Their Business Is Growing “Fast Enough”!! And believe me, people are watching how you handle this, to see if you keep going.

I suggest you do some purely fun things for yourself, to give energy to you: massage? Dinner and movie? Concert? Zip lining? I think afterward you will feel refreshed and ready to do more business with a renewed sense of joy.

and a few minutes later I added:

I have a prompting to add this advice, which brings me peace during “dry spells.” If saying “yes” to your current company is your destiny, maybe them saying “no” is theirs, and their path lays in a different direction. (Adapted from Stephanie Ann Vehon’s article in Networking Times magazine, Nov/Dec 2012)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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