Bonus-rich but residual-poor?

Network Marketing provides two typical ways to make money: bonuses and residuals.

If you concentrate on the bonus money, the one-time payments for successfully coaching your group, you can make a nice income. Many times this is the figure people concentrate on while viewing the opportunity presentation and in the early months or years of their business.

But bonuses do not create a strong, work-when-you-want, steady income.

The irony is, one-time bonus income is more like a job paycheck. Work once, get paid once.

In contrast, the long-term income is what will set you financially free. It is created by customers (and distributors) purchasing and using your product, month after month. In your plan it might be known as “residual” or “percentage overrides.”

A Big Hitter once told me, “The bonuses are in the pay plans to get money coming in while you build the residual income. And time and money freedom come from a healthy residual income.”

Both types of income are important.

Both add to your bottom line.

Only one will set you free.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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